Part-time Math Faculty

Part-time faculty list their contact information for students on their course syllabi.  In addition, students can leave a message for a particular instructor with the division office by calling (805) 378-1572 or email the instructor directly by clicking on their name listed below.

Instructors - Click on name for email contact

Archibald, Janet
Asaad, Saif
Beron, Alberto
Bojkov, Alexander
Boone, Allan
Cai, Peter
Chater, James
Cholvin, Robert
Craciun, George
Davis, Karen
Drane, Laurel
Francom, Chris
Gaines, Gregory
Goodman, Charles
Gunderson, Beverly
Hakobyan, Andranik
Herrera, Julio
Jankowski, Pamela
Kim, Esther
Koressa, Marcel
Kutin, Blaine
Lac, Jacquelyn
Lee, Mee
Madenlian, Vazken
Martinez , Mario
Menjivar, Jose
Mutolo, John
Nemeth, Andrea
Nguyen, Josephine
Pham, Eric
Rumenapp, Sheila
Reynolds, Andrew 
Ryan, Colleen
Silva, Jennifer
Terzian, Tammy
West, Philip
Wilkins, Angela
Zhang, Jietong