The Moorpark College Mission Statement states the college will create learning environments that blend curriculum and services in providing to students extracurricular activities that promote campus community involvement and personal development. The Associated Students of Moorpark College support student life on campus by overseeing all college student organizations. All active Moorpark College student organizations are a part of the Associated Students Inter Club Council.

The purpose of the Inter Club Council (hereby referred to as “ICC”) is to provide students with opportunities to experience personal growth and apply classroom theories, concepts, and principles to real life situations. Participating students gain valuable leadership experience while developing personal and professional relationships. The ICC is composed of ICC officers, and a voting representative from each student organization, in order to represent the cultural, educational, honorary, philanthropic, and social interests of Moorpark College students.

The Director of Student Organizations shall assume the position of ICC Chair. The Associated Students Vice President shall be the ICC Vice-Chair.

ICC Chairperson – Director of Student Organizations

  1. Shall preside over all ICC meetings.
  2. Shall prepare an agenda and all related materials.
  3. Shall be a voting member at ICC meetings.
  4. Shall serve as a liaison between the Associated Students Board of Directors and the ICC.
  5. Shall process and manage student organization renewals during the fall semester in conjunction with the AS Advisor.
  6. Shall review new student organization applications and present recommendations for AS BOD approval.
  7. Will collect student organization data (i.e. roll sheets, officer lists, meeting dates, events, and activities) from each organization for the Student Activities Programming Plan.

ICC Vice-Chair – Vice President of Associated Students

  1. Shall assume the duties of the ICC Chair during his or her absence.
  2. Shall be a voting member at ICC Meetings.
  3. The Associated Students Director of Public Relations shall also have a seat as a voting member of ICC.

SECTION B. Starting a Student Organization
Student organizations are officially "recognized" by the Associated Students Board of Directors are required to use the college name in all publicity, and are entitled to use college facilities, and request funds from the Associated Students Programming Committee.

To obtain official "recognition" from the Associated Students Board of Directors, a student organization must do the following:

  1. Have a minimum of four (4) members. Organization membership must be compromised solely of currently registered Moorpark College Students. Non-students may participate in student organization activities as guests, but may not vote, hold office, or pay dues.
  2. Have a minimum of one (1) advisor, who will advise the organization on college rules and regulations, attend organization meetings, supervise the organization's financial transactions, and give general guidance to the organization. The advisor must be a Moorpark College faculty or staff member.
  3. Must have a written Constitution and Standing Rules that has been approved by the Associated Students Board of Directors and is in accordance with the Moorpark College Associated Students Constitution and Standing Rules.
  4. Must complete and have on file in the Associated Students Office a Student Organization Information Form and Advisor's Agreement.
  5. Must set up and handle all financial transactions through a VCCCD Trust account, in accordance with the VCCCD accounting policy and procedures.
  6. Encouraged to attend a Student Organization Orientation held by the Student Activities office or meet with the Student Activities Advisor to learn the VCCCD accounting policy and procedure process.

Student Organization Finances

  1. All student organization money must be deposited in a VCCCD student organization Trust account at the college Student Business Office.
  2. All student organization finances must be transacted through a VCCCD Trust account.
  3. All student organization finances shall be conducted in accordance with to the VCCCD accounting policy and procedures.
  4. Advisors, as well as organizations officers, are responsible for ensuring that the VCCCD accounting policy and procedures are followed.
  5. A Trust account authorization card must be completed to establish a new account. No expenditures or deposits can occur without completion of this form. The following signatures on the account authorization card are required for all organizations: student officers (two (2) officers of the organizations choice, usually the President and Treasurer), and always the student organization advisor(s).
  6. A trust account signature update card is to update authorized signatures for the account (i.e. change in the student offices) and is to be completed and returned with all signatures to the Student Activities Advisor.
  7. Funds must be available in the account for expenditures to be processed.

SECTION C. Suspension, Forfeiture, and Falling out of Recognition

  1. The term “suspension” shall be defined as:
              a.   The removal of official “recognition” by the Associated Students Board of Directors.
              b.   The automatic freezing of a student organization’s Trust account(s).
              c.   Any student organization or club officially recognized by the AS BOD, who has two (2)
                    un-excused ICC absences in a semester, shall be given a written warning notice from the ICC
                    Chair. One additional un-excused absence shall result in the suspension of said organization if
                    declared by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the AS BOD.
  2. The term “forfeiture” shall be defined as:
              a.   Failure of a suspended student organization to renew their organization by the October 1st
              b.   The automatic deposit of all monies remaining in a student organization’s account to the
                    Associated Students Inter Club Council account.
              c.   The automatic closure of the student organization’s Trust account(s).
  3. Falling Out of Recognition
              a.   If at any time during the fall and spring semesters of the current academic year, after a
                    student organization has obtained official recognition for that academic year, the student
                    organization fails to meet any of the requirements for obtaining official recognition, then that
                    student organization has “fallen out of recognition” and shall be placed on suspension until the
                    student organization has proven to be back in compliance with the recognition requirements.

SECTION D. Student Organization Renewal Procedures
To renew a student organization, you must:

  1. Have a current Student Organization Information form on file.
  2. Have a current Advisor’s Agreement form on file.
  3. All student organization finances shall adhere to the VCCCD accounting policy and procedures.
  4. Must attend a Student Organization Orientation held by the Student Activities office.
  5. Continuing student organizations shall complete the student organization renewal process by October first (1st).
  6. Should a student organization not renew by the October first (1st) deadline, then that organization shall be placed on suspension for that academic year. The Trust account(s) shall be automatically frozen for the fall and spring semester of that academic year.
  7. The student organization must wait until the following fall semester to renew for the next academic year or fall into forfeiture.
  8. Should a suspended student organization not renew the following fall semester by October first (1st), after their accounts have been frozen, then that organization shall fall into forfeiture and all monies remaining in their accounts shall be deposited into the Associated Students ICC account and the student organization trust account(s) shall be dissolved.

SECTION E. ICC Representation

  1. The ICC student organization representative is a Moorpark College student member from the student organization membership.
  2. The ICC student organization representative shall have only one vote on the ICC.

SECTION F. ICC Meetings and Procedures

  1. Meetings and Procedures
              a.   Student organizations are required to attend ICC Meetings.
              b.   The ICC shall hold a minimum of one meeting a month during the fall and spring semesters
                    after October first (1st).
              c.   The ICC chair shall notify the student organizations of the ICC meeting calendar dates, times,
                    and locations.

SECTION G. Student Organization Guidelines

  1. Student Organization Meetings
              a.   It is recommended that student organizations meet at least monthly during the fall and spring
                    semesters, posting an agenda prior to their meetings.
              b.   Student organizations shall submit a current copy of their meeting schedules to the Associated
                    Students Director of Student Organizations.
  2. In accepting any funds from the AS BOD or Programming Committee, the student organization or campus department must name the Associated Students as a co-sponsor of the event, activity, or program.
              a.   If funding was provided through the AS BOD, all advertising materials must be approved by
                    the Director of Public Relations.
              b.   If funding was provided through the Programming Committee, all advertising materials must be
                    approved by the chair of said committee.

SECTION H. Eligibility for Student Organization Officers, Members, and Term Limits

  1. Student Organization Officers
              a.   Student organization officers are limited to holding no more than one (1) officer position within
                    the same student organization.
              b.   A student may hold the position of President or Vice President in only one student
              c.   Shall currently be registered and continuously enrolled in a minimum of five (5) units at
                    Moorpark College during fall and spring semesters in accordance with the Associated Students
                    Standing Rules, Article 1, Section C.
              d.   Shall achieve and maintain a cumulative 2.0 minimum grade point average to assume and
                    maintain an officer's position in accordance with the Associated Students Standing Rules,
                    Article 1, Section C.
              e.   At no time may the same individual hold the same elected position for more than two
                    consecutive terms, nor shall any individual be allowed to hold office for more than five (5)
                    terms during any ten (10)-year period of time in accordance with the Associated Students
                    Constitution, Article V, Section I.
              f.   The student organization advisor shall be responsible for verifying student organization
                    officers’ eligibility to hold office.
  2. Student Organization Members
              a.   Only currently enrolled Moorpark College students may be members of a student organization.
              b.   Non-students may participate in student organization activities as guests but may not vote or
                    hold office.

SECTION I. Student Organization Advisors

  1. Shall be sufficiently knowledgeable of the governing documents, purpose and activities of the student organization to advise the members of their actions and the possible consequences of illegal or irresponsible behavior.
  2. Shall have the primary responsibility for understanding, interpreting, and applying all campus rules and regulations as they apply to campus facility use, organizational programs and scheduled activities both on and off campus.
  3. Must provide assistance for assessment and constructive review of programs and funding proposals for student programmers.
  4. Shall have fiduciary responsibility over all of the student organization accounts and finances.  Advisors are to be familiar with VCCCD accounting policy and procedures.  Advisors must be signatories on all of the student organizations Trust accounts.
  5. When sponsoring an off campus activity, advisors are to be familiar with VCCCD policy and procedures regarding student travel. An advisor must be present at all off-campus activities.
  6. Advisors are to review, approve and sign all of the organization’s Facility Use Form requests and forward them to the Student Activities office for processing.
  7. Advisors will oversee the organization’s elections to ensure open and fair elections.
  8. Advisors are to attend all student organization meetings and events both on and off campus.

SECTION J. Use of Campus Facilities
All recognized student organizations are entitled to use Moorpark College facilities to host meetings, events, and activities. The following procedures will be adhered to when reserving a campus facility:

  1. Complete a Moorpark College Facilities Use Form, obtaining the student organization’s advisor’s signature, and submit the form to the Student Activities office for processing, in accordance with the Moorpark College Business Services policy and procedures.

SECTION K. Moorpark College Posting Policy and Advertising on Campus

  1. All recognized student organizations will adhere to the Moorpark College Posting Policy when advertising (i.e. flyers, posters, and banners) on the college campus.