Free Tutoring

The Math and Science Center now offers both online and on-campus tutoring on a drop-in basis (no appointment is necessary) for the following subjects: math, statistics, chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, accounting, economics, computer science (C++), anatomy, physiology, and logic. 

  • On-Campus Drop-In Math and Science Center: 3rd Floor of the Library (LLR Building)

On Campus Tutoring Hours:

Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-4pm


  • Online Drop-In Math and Science Center 

Click here to enter the online Math and Science Center

For free tutoring, click button above ⬆️. Please enter your 900# when prompted.

Online Tutoring Hours:

Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm

Friday 12pm-4pm

Saturday 11am-2pm

Students using a smartphone or tablet will need to download the Zoom app (“Zoom Cloud Meetings”). Students with a computer will be prompted to download the software after clicking the link. 


Subject Expertise and Schedule: 

Fall 2021 Tutor Shift Schedule

Unscheduled changes to the tutors' shifts can happen from time to time. We appreciate your understanding if a particular tutor is not in the Math and Science Center at a particular day or time due to illness, etc. Thus, all schedules are subject to change, but we adhere to them as closely as we can.



Phone: (805) 378-1556

The Math and Science Center offers the following services and resources:

For a list of pre-transfer and transfer level Math courses available at Moorpark College, please visit the Mathematics department.

Please note that the Math Center cannot provide any contact information about their tutors or referrals for the purposes of "private tutoring". 

Math and Science Center Learning Outcomes:

In support of the aims of Mathematics and Science students at Moorpark College, the Math and Science Center prepares students to:

  • Identify their individual strengths and weaknesses in the targeted subject area
  • Use the resources available to support their acquisition of the skills necessary to succeed in college level Mathematics and Science courses.
  • Comprehend, analyze, and integrate material that is appropriate to the discipline
  • Apply strategies for reading comprehension and study skills necessary to succeed in college courses


COL M05 "Supervised Tutoring Across the Curriculum" 

To use tutoring services, students will be enrolled in COL M05, "Supervised Tutoring across the Curriculum." COL M05 is a 0 unit course. It is not graded.  It does not appear on transcripts.  It is free to all currently registered Moorpark College students.