Faculty Web Pages

Each faculty member has the option of creating a public web site that will be hosted by the college. This option is best for instructors who have some web publishing experience. All content on these pages should be related to instructional activities at Moorpark College. It is the responsibility of the faculty to ensure that these web pages are maintained for accuracy and currency.


Requesting a Web Page Account

To request a Moorpark College web page account:

  1. Download the Web Page Account Request Form (PDF).
  2. Complete the necessary information.
  3. Sign the waiver (if submitting via email, a digital signature is required).
  4. Click the button to Submit by Email
  5. Please allow three working days for account activation.

Creating a Web Page

You may use the software of your choice to create a web page. Following are some suggested web page development applications:

  • SeaMonkey®
    • FREE
    • This is an open-source all-in-one internet application suite powered by Mozilla (the creators of the Firefox internet browser).
  • Microsoft Word
    • License Required
    • Most computer users have this program, but it is also available on the computers in the Staff Resource Center (LLR-116).
  • Adobe® Dreamweaver®
    • License Required (Available in the Staff Resource Center, LLR-116)
    • Recommended only for advanced users.

How About a Blog?

If you're looking for an alternative to creating a web site from scratch, consider starting a blog for your public content needs.