Transfer Level Math Courses (STEM)

All transferable math courses have prerequisites. Students cannot enroll in transferable courses unless they have a "C" or better in the prerequisite course. Please see the previous page for non-transferable courses which are the prerequisites.  Because different universities and majors require different math preparation, students should consult with a counselor to ensure they select the course that will best prepare them for the program they wish to transfer to.


Transfer Level Courses in Mathematics for STEM Majors


Math M05, College Algebra, 3 units      and      Math M06, Trigonometry, 3 units

                                              (CSU ONLY)

Math M07, PreCalculus and Trigonometry, 6 units

Math M25A, Calculus I, 5 units

Math 25B, Calculus II, 5 units

Math M21, Discrete Mathematics, 3 units

Math M25C, Calculus III, 5 units

Math M31, Introduction to Linear Algebra, 3 units

Math M35, Applied Differential Equations. 3 units