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Moorpark Review Online is currently accepting submissions of original music to include in its 2015 publication. Send mp3 files to MOORPARKCOLLEGE.EDU/REVIEW

Or via email at

The Moorpark Review values the creative spirit of all Moorpark College students, staff, and alumni, and welcomes your submissions of writing, visual art, and music.

Created in 1998, the magazine features excellent student, faculty and staff writers and artists on the campus of Moorpark College. The faculty advisors and student editorial staff strive to create a fertile field for free expression and imagination. The editors' objective is to publish consistently the progressive, eclectic art that reflects the diversity of attitude and perspective in this creative community.

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Online Submissions - open call for the 2016 edition

  • Submitting to the print version of the Moorpark Review is restricted to Students, Alumni, Facutly and Staff of Moorpark College

  • Submitting to the Moorpark Review Online is open to everyone

  • Submissions received by March 7th are considered for the upcoming edition to be published in May