Please answer the following questions to help determine if Distance Education is a good choice for you. The results of this assessment are for your consideration only. No information will be sent to Moorpark College.


 Why are you taking this distance learning course?


 I need it for a degree, job promotion, or other important reason.

   I thought it would be a nice change, though I could take the class on campus.

 I just wanted to try a distance learning class. 



 Which of the following best describes how you work?


 I often get things done ahead of schedule.


 I need occasional reminders to get things done on schedule.


 I put things off until the last minute.



 Classroom discussion is


 rarely helpful to me.


 sometimes helpful to me. 


 always helpful to me.



 When an instructor hands out an assignment, I usually


 figure out the instructions myself. 


 follow the directions, then ask for help as needed.


 like to have the instructions explained to me. 



 Do you need to have your instructor remind you of due dates for assignments or exams?









 Which of the following statements best describes how you learn?


 I enjoy learning on my own, and learn well by reviewing course material independently.


 I learn best when the instructor tells me what to focus on and clarifies the course material in lectures.


 I can learn on my own, but I do like having the instructor lecture about course material. 



 Which of the following best describes your reading ability?


 I understand articles and textbook readings without help.


 Sometimes I miss the main point of articles or textbook readings. 


 I need someone to explain articles and textbook readings.



 Which of the following best describes your writing ability?


 I feel comfortable expressing my thoughts in writing.


 I can adequately express my thoughts in writing.


 I have difficulty expressing my thoughts in writing. 



 Which of the following best describes your time management skills?


 Very good. I create schedules, and stick to them.


 Good. I usually get things done on time. 


 I'll answer this question later.



 Consider your professional and personal schedule.  
 How many hours, at anytime of the day or night, do you have for your distance-learning course each week? 


 About 15 hours each week 


 About 10 hours each week 


 About 5 hours each week 



 Which of the following best describes your Internet access? 


 Reliable and convenient


 Unreliable and/or limited


 I do not have access to the Internet.



 Which of the following best describes your experience using a computer?


 I have used a computer extensively.


 I have used a computer occasionally.


 I have not used a computer.



 Which of the following best describes your experience with e-mail? 


 I have used e-mail extensively.


 I have used e-mail occasionally. 


 I have not used e-mail.



 Which of the following best describes your experience with browsing the Internet? 


 I have browsed the Internet extensively.


 I have browsed the Internet occasionally. 


 I have not browsed the Internet.