FACILITIES/TECHNOLOGY– Committee on Accreditation and Planning (FT-CAP) | Committee of Academic Senate


FT-CAP makes recommendations on college-wide planning and accreditation issues related to facilities for educational programs and student service and those related to campus instructional and administrative digital technology. Monitors the implementation of Standard 3B & 3C of the self-study relative to facilities.

The committee recommends funding for technology based on a general allocation guideline that assumes budget stability or growth. As a rule of thumb, the committee recommends an allocation of a minimum of 30% of the college’s total instructional equipment funding assigned each year to technology equipment, software, and hardware.

The accreditation component under the purview of the FT-CAP is the development of plans to address any self-study advisement or visiting team recommendation that refer to facilities and/ or the needs of digital technology for students, faculty, and staff.