Application Process

All users requesting use of the facilities are subject to the Rules and Regulations included in this document.  In addition,

  • OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS are required to fill out the "Application and Permit for Use of College Facilities" form and the "Moorpark College Facility Use" form, the "Moorpark College Application for Film or Photography Permit" form, or the "Moorpark College Vendor Request to Come on Campus" form. The District's "Hold Harmless Agreement and Covenant Not To Sue" form must also be filled out and submitted with Application forms.
  • IN-HOUSE ORGANZATIONS are required to fill out the "Moorpark College In-House Facility Use" form, the "Campus Center Conference Room Request" form, the "Moorpark College Computer Lab/Classroom Request" form, or the "Moorpark College Student Film Permit Request" form


Revocation of Application/Permit