The Ventura County Community College District requires that any individual, group, or organization requesting the use of district property submit a Certificate of Insurance naming the District as an additional insured with property damage and liability limits of not less than one million dollars.  Higher limits of property damage or liability may be required by the District depending on the nature and scope of activities to be performed.

The Certificate of Insurance (COI) must contain the following:

3.    Certificate holder must be show as follows:

Ventura County Community College District
Moorpark College
7075 Campus Road
Moorpark, CA  93021

4.    Group or individual names on policy must be the same as the group or individual listed on the "Application/Permit for Facility Use" form
5.    Descriptive area must include the name of the facility/building used, name/type of event and specific event date(s)
6.    Must include date of issuance and policy expiration dates.  Periods of coverage must include event date(s)
7.    Must state that in the event of policy cancellation 30-days written notice will be sent to Moorpark College, Attn: College Business Services