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During the first week of each month, we are hosting a virtual artist talk as part of our Artist Lecture Series Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion

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Wednesday, December 2nd, 7 pm  


A note from Rain following the virtual lecture (link to recording below):

*trigger warning – aggressive, transphobic language.

There were two instances of individuals interrupting the lecture with hateful, transphobic language.  I’ve requested that these be left in the archive because this helps to perfectly illustrate the aggression, intolerance, and violence that trans bodies live with on a daily basis, by simply existing.  I think that it’s important to show that.


*I apologize for the poor sound quality on the videos.  You may view most of the videos shared during the lecture, in full, here:

·         Proper Hand Washing Techniques with Farrah Faucet (01:53), 2020.

·         Dissociative Reach (02:38), 2019.

·         Mirage – Angela Izzo and Rain Lucien Matheke (walk through/promo by Angela Izzo) (03:08), 2019 

·         Entropy in Neon (Cleanse) (01:00), 2020.

·         Untiled Thoughts on Decay in Silence (Mirage) (13:13), 2019.


View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Rain Lucien Matheke


Rain Lucien Matheke (she/they) is a self-described “queer, interdisciplinary, visual, and experimental sound artist living with a rare chronic illness, many plants, and a cat in Los Angeles.”  Utilizing a wide range of materials, Rain explores ideas of identity in relation to gender and the body.  Her artwork focuses particularly on the evolution of identity through illness, transition and magical practice.  As she reflects on the dualities of permanence and decay and acceptance and control, we are given glimpses of Rain and her life through this deeply personal work. 




Thursday, November 5th, 7 pm  


View the recorded Zoom lecture:



24" x 18," Gold Leaf and Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2018


Over the past twenty years, Mark Steven Greenfield has been focusing his artwork on representations of the African American experience.  This exploration spans multiple series of works and utilizes a wide array of materials and approaches from traditional oil painting, to ink drawing on wood, to inkjet prints.  Greenfield incorporates historical images like the Black Madonna, blackface minstrel actors, black cartoon characters, African American stereotypes and spiritual practices to create new images that speak to the contemporary African American experience.  These investigations consider how images are formed within an individual and a society.  Whether created as a personal, meditative practice of mark-making or an outward call for social justice, Mark Steven Greenfield’s work exemplifies the power of images.  




Wednesday, October 7th, 7 pm  


View the recorded Zoom lecture:

Philosophy in the Fields, 2016  Ink and Charcoal on Unfolded Produce Cardboard Boxes 6 x 9 Feet

"Philosophy in the Fields"
Ink and Charcoal on Unfolded Produce Cardboard Boxes, 6' x 9'
Image courtesy of the artist and Charlie James Gallery


Narsiso Martinez's artwork is inspired by his own life experience.  Born in Mexico in 1977, Martinez moved to the US when he was 20.  He later earned an AA from LA City College, and then BFA and MFA degrees from CSU – Long Beach.  In his drawings, prints and installations, Martinez combines ink, charcoal, and paint on recycled produce boxes, depicting the day-to-day labor of American farmworkers.  Pulling from his time working in the fields, Martinez describes his artwork as a place for him to “pay homage to the people who toil in the fields” and also “reflect upon the disparities of socioeconomic lifestyles, that of the farmworkers and agribusiness owners.”  Narsiso Martinez is represented by Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles and lives in Long Beach, California.


Premium Harvest (side 2), 2017  Ink, Gouache, Charcoal, and Collage on Produce Cardboard Boxes 70 x 65 x 19.5 Inches

"Premium Harvest" (side 2)
Ink, Gouache, Charcoal, and Collage on Produce Cardboard Boxes, 70" x 65" x 19.5"
Image courtesy of the artist and Charlie James Gallery



Tuesday, September 8th, 7 pm


Weng San Sit is an artist that uses still and moving images to explore the rich complexity of human identity. In her figurative studies, San gives voice to the nuance of her subjects and their life experience, thus undermining the over­simplification of individuals down to a societal designation (whether it be race, size, gender, ability, age, economic status, etc.) Through several different projects, San makes images that create a space for the marginalized to be seen, heard and understood. Weng San Sit lives in Singapore and Los Angeles and is a professor in the Photography program at Moorpark College. 


View the recorded Zoom lecture at: 


Weng San Sit photo showing the movement of an MS patient taking pills using light
Light streaks in a photo of a wooded green area and a stream
Zoom link for recording of Weng San Sit Artist Talk: