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The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present our


Annual Student Exhibition


May 9 - August 23, 2024


Join us for a reception on
Thursday, May 9th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

View of Student Art Exhibition



Ana Medina-Whirledge


March 4 - April 9, 2024


Artist talk and reception:
Tuesday, March 19th, 11 am

Applied Arts Building, Room 136

View of gallery

In her solo exhibition of paintings, Ana Medina-Whirledge focuses our attention on the small moments of everyday life.  Working from photographs, she depicts subjects that are either unaware of or deliberately posing for the camera.  We witness people dancing, children riding bikes, playing with toys, and sitting awkwardly near the Christmas tree.  These paintings are not representations of idealized photographs taken with the intent of being posted online.  Medina-Whirledge pushes back against social media’s promotion of the false narrative that every moment of life is perfect and perfectly exciting.  She champions the recognition of the small, quiet and often mundane moments that are special in their own way.

Ana Medina-Whirledge was born in Florida and earned a BFA from Florida State University in Tallahassee. She then moved to Albuquerque and received her MFA with Distinction from the University of New Mexico. Since then, Medina-Whirledge has been the Artist in Residence at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and won the third-place grant for the William and Dorothy Yeck Painters Award juried by Franklin Sirmans of LACMA.  Her work has been featured in central Los Angeles as part of the Billboard Creatives’ 2016 show and she most recently had a solo exhibition with Billis Williams Gallery in Los Angeles. Ana Medina-Whirledge is adjunct faculty at Moorpark College.  To learn more about her, please visit her website



Rosalyn Myles
The Right Hand Knows What the Left Hand is Doing


January 29 - February 29, 2024


Join us for an artist talk and reception in the gallery:
Tuesday, February 6th, please arrive by 11:15 am, talk begins at 11:30 am



Rosalyn Myles Exhibition

The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Rosalyn Myles.  With years of experience working in the film industry, both in front of and behind the camera, Ms. Myles is a storyteller at heart.  In her artwork, she collects materials, whether paper, film, fabric, wood or discarded objects, all with a keen eye towards the combination of these elements as aspects of the narratives she creates.  Within these works, Ms. Myles reflects on the past, while also commenting on current American culture. She states:

“As an African American I am aware of our past sacrifices and our contemporary struggles.  These truths inform my work as well as my person. As an artist I am more interested in where we are heading now and how we, all of us, will continue to navigate the future.”

Rosalyn Myles was born in Los Angeles and earned a BA from Cal State Dominguez Hills with an emphasis in Theatre and an MFA from California College of the Arts with an emphasis in Film, Video and Performance.  She has exhibited her work widely throughout Southern California including solo exhibits at the Contemporary Craft Museum in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Southwest College Art Gallery and the California African American Museum in Exposition Park in Los Angeles.  To learn more about Rosalyn Myles, please visit her website



Palmer Earl
The Goddess Reimagined


November 27, 2023 - January 16, 2024


Artist talk and reception:
Tuesday, December 5th, 11 am

Applied Arts Building, Room 136


Palmer Earl Exhibition

The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Palmer Earl.  In her series “The Goddess Reimagined,” Ms. Earl explores the mythology and power of the Goddess.  In her large paintings, Earl masterfully uses acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, replicating the opulence and reverence that we typically associate with historical Christian altarpieces.  In her smaller works on paper, Earl uses gouache and gold leaf, referencing the intricate beauty of Medieval illuminated manuscripts.  In all of her works, Ms. Earl quietly subverts patriarchal history as she elevates the feminine into the realm of the divine.  Decorative floral elements and ornate designs work in concert to glorify the female deity at the heart of these images.   

Palmer Earl was born in New York City and earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York.  She has shown her work widely throughout New York and the greater Los Angeles area including at the Museum of Art and History: Cedar in Lancaster, the Torrance Art Museum, Gallery 825 in West Hollywood and Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert. To learn more about Palmer Earl, please visit her website


Elizabeth Coert Souza
Whispered Stories


October 19 - November 17, 2023


Artist talk and reception:
Thursday, November 9th, 11 am

Applied Arts Building, Room 136


Elizabeth Coert Souza Exhibition

The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Elizabeth Coert Souza.  Coert Souza is an artist whose work explores the stories of the Dutch Indonesian Diaspora of which she is a descendent.  Utilizing both found and personal photographs along with a range of materials, Coert Souza addresses colonization, memory and the re-claiming of feminine power.  The Whispered Stories exhibit includes oil and watercolor paintings, mixed media collages and handwoven tapestries.  Coert Souza’s work reflects on a painful history while also creating new stories that seek to restore a sense of balance in her culture.

Elizabeth Coert Souza earned an AA from Ventura College, a BA from CSU ~ Channel Islands and a MFA from CSU ~ Northridge.  She has exhibited her work widely throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. She is currently a lecturer in the Art Departments at both CSUCI and CSUN.   To learn more about Elizabeth Coert Souza, please visit her website


John Galan
En Mis Sueńos (In My Dreams)


September 11 – October 13, 2023


Artist Reception:
September 21st, 2023, 6 – 7 pm


John Galan Exhibition

The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Moorpark College alumni, John Galan.  Stylistically, Galan’s work follows in the surrealist tradition of one of the most well-known and recognizable Mexican artists, Frida Kahlo.  Conceptually, he pulls from his own experience as a Mexican-American, challenging bi-cultural and generational stigmas.  In his figurative paintings, Galan often examines the relationship between our bodies and the food we eat. These depictions have the intent of promoting healing through natural remedies and familial rituals.

John Galan first studied at Moorpark College before transferring to California Lutheran University (CLU) to earn a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art in 2013. He later completed the Teacher Credential Program at CLU, and is currently on track to received his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at CLU in 2024.  Mr. Galan has been teaching fine art at Moorpark High School since Fall 2020, and in Spring 2023 became adjunct faculty at CLU.   He has exhibited his work widely throughout Southern California and beyond, including public art projects at the Coachella Valley Music Festival and the Día De Muertos Festival at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  To learn more about John Galan, please visit his website


Annual Student Art Exhibition


May 4 - August 29, 2023


Opening Reception:
May 4th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm


Student Art Exhibition



Andrea Bersaglieri
between form and decay


March 6 - April 11, 2023


In-person artist talk and reception:

March 16th, 11:00 am
Applied Arts Building, Room 136

Andrea Bersaglieri Exhibition

The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Andrea Bersaglieri.  In her beautifully rendered realistic drawings and paintings, Bersaglieri presents viewers with her close examinations of a range of natural elements including dirt clods, weeds, and dead birds.  Her compositions often strip the subjects from their original place in the landscape and instead depicts them as formal objects to be studied.  It is through these close observations that we are given the opportunity to see the world around us with fresh eyes and deeper levels of appreciation. Bersaglieri’s thoughtful look at nature questions the relationship and current thresholds between the urban and natural worlds.

Andrea Bersaglieri earned a BFA and MFA from California State University, Long Beach.  She currently teaches Drawing and Painting at Cerritos College and CSU Long Beach.  Her artwork has been exhibited widely throughout Southern California including solo exhibits at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, Flux Art Space in Long Beach, and Curve Line Space gallery in Los Angeles.  She was the recipient of the Artist-Teacher Grant from the Davyd Whaley Foundation, and her work has been reviewed in Coagula Art Journal, Art and Cake, Artillery Magazine and Huffington Post.  To learn more about Andrea Bersaglieri, please visit her website


Kevin McCants


January 30 - February 28, 2023


Artist talk and reception:

February 14th, 11:00 am
Applied Arts Building, Room 136

Kevin McCants Exhibition

The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Kevin McCants.  “Reflected” will show works from five different series, all centered around the human form.  Throughout his figurative work, McCants investigates the relationship between spaces; between interior and exterior, between what is seen and what is reflected.  Viewers of his work will often see how two realms become superimposed on each other through a single pane of glass. Light and reflection are of upmost importance in this work, as transparent layers speak to the depth and complexity of the visual phenomenon of reflections and the metaphors they represent.  Transparent cityscapes capture both the fashion displayed within storefronts in Los Angeles and New York, as well as the city life reflected in those windows.  At times we see the artist himself as he photographs his subjects.  Layers of texture, pattern, ornate fashions and accessories contrast against geometric architecture, text and signs of the city.

Kevin McCants earned an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Illustration from the Art Institute in Pittsburgh, PA.  He is currently a member of the Oil Painters of America, the Los Angeles Art Association, the Burbank Art Association, the Pasadena Society of Artists and the Thousand Oaks Art Association.  Mr. McCants has exhibited his work widely throughout Southern California including at the California African American Museum and the Santa Monica History Museum.  He teaches drawing and painting for the city of Burbank as well as private lessons in Palos Verdes and Manhattan Beach.  To learn more about Kevin McCants, please visit his website



Joanne Julian
Selections 1978 - 2020


December 7, 2022 - January 25, 2023


Artist talk and reception:
January 19th, 11:00 am
Applied Arts Building, Room 136

Joanne Julian Exhibition

In her mixed media drawings, Los Angeles native Joanne Julian deftly combines realistic natural elements with flowing abstractions of line, shape and color, giving viewers a glimpse of the energy and motion that surround her subjects. Julian’s travels and studies throughout Asia have clearly inspired a Zen like quality in her artwork, which is both dynamic and meditative.  Julian taps into an otherworldly quality beyond what our eyes can see.  This exhibition at Moorpark College will highlight key works from the past 42 years of Ms. Julian’s artistic practice. 

Joanne Julian holds a BA and MA in sculpture and printmaking from CSU Northridge and an MFA from Otis Art Institute. For over three decades, she served in many roles at College of the Canyons in Valencia, including faculty, Chair of the Fine Arts Department, Dean of Fine Arts and Humanities, and Gallery Director.  Ms. Julian has exhibited her work widely including exhibitions at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the Carnegie Art Museum. To learn more about Joanne Julian, please visit her website



Jasmine Delgado
No Vacancy


October 20 - November 29, 2022 


Artist talk and reception:
November 10th, 10:00 am
Applied Arts Building, Room 136

Jasmine Delgado exhibition

Ms. Delgado is an artist known for working in multiple media including ink, paper, fabric and collage to showcase the beauty and complexity of the evolving Los Angeles landscape. Ms. Delgado states:

No Vacancy is a love letter to the people, landscape, architecture and visual signage that make up the San Fernando Valley. The work celebrates what is still there and memorializes what has since gone while illustrating the complexity of this ever-changing sub/urban landscape. It is an autobiographical celebration of the places that hold significance to my experiences as I navigate the region currently and at different points in my life.”

Jasmine Delgado is an Associate Professor of Art and Design at CSU Channel Islands.  She holds a BFA in Printmaking from CSU Long Beach and an MFA in Studio Art from UC Santa Barbara. To learn more about Jasmine Delgado, please visit her website



Huelga! Photographs from the Frontlines By Jorge Corralejo


September 15 - October 15, 2022 


Huelga!  Photographs from the Frontlines by Jorge Corralejo

Jorge Corralejo is a civil rights activist, photographer, philanthropist, and author. He fought tirelessly alongside labor leaders and political activists Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta to establish suitable working conditions and fair treatment for farmworkers. Corralejo assisted with the recruitment and construction of Agbayani Village, a retirement community for elderly Filipino farmworkers in Delano, CA. For over 50 years, he has advocated for laborers everywhere by serving on community and business boards, to working with state and federal legislators.

“Huelga! Photographs from the Frontlines By Jorge Corralejo” was originally organized by the Museum of Ventura County and curated by Anna Bermudez with promotional support generously provided by Lazer Broadcasting.



Annual Student Art Exhibition

May 17 - August 29, 2022 


Student Art Exhibition





March 25 - April 27, 2022 


View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Michele Benzamin-Miki

In her mesmerizing works, Michele Benzamin-Miki combines her North American and Japanese heritage through the blending of realistic figure drawings in graphite with abstract Sumi ink brush painting.  Benzamin-Miki describes her process:

“I use large calligraphic brushes with Sumi inks on paper. Each stroke involves meditation, a ‘point zero’ inner stillness before or as I am creating each piece. I want to make visible this inner world. The intention is to invite the viewer to access ‘a whole body state of being present, in the presence of the art.’ To see the art with the experience I had while I was painting. A transmission.

In traditional Japanese calligraphy, the negative space around the brush-stroke holds equal importance, to create space in the viewer’s mind. The brushwork is instantaneous, using One energetic stroke or One continuous brush stroke lifting on and off the paper. My brush movement inspired by decades of training and teaching Japanese sword forms, specifically Iaido.  I either leave the work as is, or I add detailed figurative forms in pencil or other media to the brushwork.”

Michele Benzamin-Miki was born in San Diego to a family of artists.  As a self-taught artist, she has built a career around healing and the arts.  Benzamin-Miki has three decades of experience as a Zen teacher, working with artists, activists, businesses and prison inmates. She has also worked creatively in the commercial, graphic, performance and fine art fields.  Highlights of her fine art exhibitions include solo exhibitions at the Los Angeles Art Association and Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art, as well as exhibiting her work at the Hammer Museum, the Brand Library Art Gallery and Studio Channel Islands Black Box Gallery.  To learn more about Michele Benzamin-Miki and her work, please visit her website




February 22 - March 21, 2022 


View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Hasef, Rise FAAMA Exhibition

In his exhibit, “Rise FAAMA” Los Angeles based artist, HASEF explores ideas, images, and representation surrounding blackness.  Using video and photography in his research and travels, he creates drawings, paintings, and sculptures inspired by these images. “Faama” is the Mandinka word meaning father, leader, or king.  In “Rise FAAMA,” HASEF entices viewers with a bright color palette as he depicts black males in everyday moments, pushing back against negative stereotypes.

HASEF earned a BA in Sociology and Art with a Minor in Physics and Black Studies from CSU Bakersfield, an Arts & Market Certificate from Sotheby’s Art Institute in London, and an MFA in Studio Art from Claremont Graduate University. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout Southern California, including a 2019 solo exhibition at Chimento Contemporary in Los Angeles. To learn more about HASEF and his work, please visit his website



Evolution of Consciousness

November 8, 2021 - January 14, 2022 


View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Mary Neville Exhibition

As a Southern California native, Mary Neville is inspired by the vivid colors and openness that the west coast is known for.  While influenced by the beauty that surrounds her studio in Ojai, Neville approaches the canvas with the intent of expressing her physical and emotional response to personal and global events.  Neville reflects, “Making art, and especially abstract art, gives me a voice and the freedom to be intuitive, gain self-awareness, have insights, and observe external perceptions without being literal but rather lyrical.  My work continually evolves and every piece is a personal time stamp of emotional evolution.”  

Neville holds a degree in merchandising from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles and worked in the fashion, interior design and architecture industries for years before transitioning to working as a fine artist.  Join us for her virtual artist talk where she will share her experiences, motivations, and process in making her beautiful mixed media abstractions.



The Resonance of Lotus


September 30 - November 2, 2021 

View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Chung-Ping Cheng Gallery View

Chung-Ping Cheng is an artist that synthesizes aspects of her Chinese heritage with contemporary photography.  Inspired by artists like Georgia O’Keeffe and Diane Arbus, Cheng’s photographic practice includes color film, a medium format camera, and a focus on process, repetition and experimentation in the darkroom. The Resonance of Lotus exhibit at the Moorpark College Art Gallery includes works from three difference series; Love Lotus Essay, Refining Fire/Undescribed Variations and The Last Episode.  Join us for Cheng’s virtual artist talk to learn more about how these projects depict different stages of her life and reflect experiences in Los Angeles, Taipei, Taiwan and Hangzhou, China.



Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition

August 26 - September 28, 2021


Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition



The Moorpark College Art Gallery is pleased to present our first virtual Student Exhibition! 

Click on the link below to view the 2021 Student Art Exhibition in ArtSteps:



Artist Lecture Series Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion

During the first week of each month of the 2020-2021 academic year, we hosted virtual artist talks as part of our Artist Lecture Series Focusing on Diversity and Inclusion.  Recordings of each talk are available below.



Thursday, May 6th, 2021, 7:00 pm  

View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Lind Vallejo

Super Hombre I
Acrylic, metal flake, repurposed plastic, 26 x 26 x 16 in., 2014
from the collection of Henry Muňoz

Linda Vallejo consolidates multiple, international influences gained from a life of study and travel throughout Europe, the United States and Mexico to create works that investigate contemporary cultural and political issues.  Vallejo states:  

“My formative years were spent in far flung locations throughout the United States and Europe. During my artistic grounding, I became increasingly immersed in the Chicano/Latino arts and indigenous communities – experiences that informed my cultural perspectives and my art practice. It has taken my entire artistic career to fuse an image that defines my multicultural experience of the world and my place in it.”  

Vallejo’s Brown Belongings, (including her series Make ‘Em All Mexican, The Brown Dot Project, Datos Sagrados and Cultural Enigma) have been celebrated in solo exhibitions across the United States for the past decade.




Thursday, April 8, 2021, 7:00 pm  

View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Lydia Emily, painting titled "HER"

Lydia Emily is a Los Angeles based artist and multiple sclerosis advocate.  After battling cancer in 2010, Lydia Emily was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012.  Since then, multiple sclerosis has taken the sight from her left eye and muscle fatigue requires her to tie her paintbrush to her hand, yet Lydia Emily continues to make art.  She is a spokesperson for the MS Society, sharing her struggles and message of hope while exhibiting her paintings and murals around the world.




Thursday, March 4, 2021, 7:00 pm  

View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Hao Huynh, drawing

Phung Huynh is a Los Angeles-based artist that explores ideas of cultural perception and representation in contemporary American society.  Huynh speaks from her personal experience of immigrating to the United States:

“Becoming American cannot be painted in broad strokes. It is a personal experience that is complicated, messy, and certainly not easy. Understanding my family’s living history as refugees from both Vietnam and Cambodia and inspired by research and interviews with people with a shared history, I try to uncover the complex layers of cultural assimilation and forging new identities.”

Huynh’s drawings, painting and public art projects explore the range of the complexities within the refugee experience in Southeast Asian communities.




Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021, 6:00 pm  

View the recorded Zoom lecture here:

E.H.JR_Evolution (And Flashback)

 2016, oil on linen, 70 x 60 inches (177.8 x 152.4 cm) each

Patrick Earl Hammie is an artist who uses portraits and allegories to examine personal and shared Black experiences and present stories that expand our understanding of others. Hammie works primarily with themes related to cultural identity, storytelling, and the body in visual culture. His projects draw inspiration from Romanticism and Expressionism, mythology, pop culture, and modern media. The synthesis of these diverse expressions invites viewers to consider the tales we tell and how we express notions of self, community, and others today.  Hammie is an Associate Professor and Chair of Studio Art at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.




Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, 7:00 pm  


A note from Rain following the virtual lecture (link to recording below):

*trigger warning – aggressive, transphobic language.

There were two instances of individuals interrupting the lecture with hateful, transphobic language.  I’ve requested that these be left in the archive because this helps to perfectly illustrate the aggression, intolerance, and violence that trans bodies live with on a daily basis, by simply existing.  I think that it’s important to show that.


*I apologize for the poor sound quality on the videos.  You may view most of the videos shared during the lecture, in full, here:

·         Proper Hand Washing Techniques with Farrah Faucet (01:53), 2020.

·         Dissociative Reach (02:38), 2019.

·         Mirage – Angela Izzo and Rain Lucien Matheke (walk through/promo by Angela Izzo) (03:08), 2019 

·         Entropy in Neon (Cleanse) (01:00), 2020.

·         Untiled Thoughts on Decay in Silence (Mirage) (13:13), 2019.


View the recorded Zoom lecture here:


Rain Lucien Matheke


Rain Lucien Matheke (she/they) is a self-described “queer, interdisciplinary, visual, and experimental sound artist living with a rare chronic illness, many plants, and a cat in Los Angeles.”  Utilizing a wide range of materials, Rain explores ideas of identity in relation to gender and the body.  Her artwork focuses particularly on the evolution of identity through illness, transition and magical practice.  As she reflects on the dualities of permanence and decay and acceptance and control, we are given glimpses of Rain and her life through this deeply personal work. 




Thursday, November 5th, 2020, 7:00 pm  


View the recorded Zoom lecture:



24" x 18," Gold Leaf and Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2018


Over the past twenty years, Mark Steven Greenfield has been focusing his artwork on representations of the African American experience.  This exploration spans multiple series of works and utilizes a wide array of materials and approaches from traditional oil painting, to ink drawing on wood, to inkjet prints.  Greenfield incorporates historical images like the Black Madonna, blackface minstrel actors, black cartoon characters, African American stereotypes and spiritual practices to create new images that speak to the contemporary African American experience.  These investigations consider how images are formed within an individual and a society.  Whether created as a personal, meditative practice of mark-making or an outward call for social justice, Mark Steven Greenfield’s work exemplifies the power of images.  




Wednesday, October 7th, 2020, 7:00 pm  


View the recorded Zoom lecture:

Philosophy in the Fields, 2016  Ink and Charcoal on Unfolded Produce Cardboard Boxes 6 x 9 Feet

"Philosophy in the Fields"
Ink and Charcoal on Unfolded Produce Cardboard Boxes, 6' x 9'
Image courtesy of the artist and Charlie James Gallery


Narsiso Martinez's artwork is inspired by his own life experience.  Born in Mexico in 1977, Martinez moved to the US when he was 20.  He later earned an AA from LA City College, and then BFA and MFA degrees from CSU – Long Beach.  In his drawings, prints and installations, Martinez combines ink, charcoal, and paint on recycled produce boxes, depicting the day-to-day labor of American farmworkers.  Pulling from his time working in the fields, Martinez describes his artwork as a place for him to “pay homage to the people who toil in the fields” and also “reflect upon the disparities of socioeconomic lifestyles, that of the farmworkers and agribusiness owners.”  Narsiso Martinez is represented by Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles and lives in Long Beach, California.


Premium Harvest (side 2), 2017  Ink, Gouache, Charcoal, and Collage on Produce Cardboard Boxes 70 x 65 x 19.5 Inches

"Premium Harvest" (side 2)
Ink, Gouache, Charcoal, and Collage on Produce Cardboard Boxes, 70" x 65" x 19.5"
Image courtesy of the artist and Charlie James Gallery



Tuesday, September 8th, 2020, 7:00 pm


View the recorded Zoom lecture at: 


Weng San Sit photo showing the movement of an MS patient taking pills using light
Light streaks in a photo of a wooded green area and a stream


Weng San Sit is an artist that uses still and moving images to explore the rich complexity of human identity. In her figurative studies, San gives voice to the nuance of her subjects and their life experience, thus undermining the over­simplification of individuals down to a societal designation (whether it be race, size, gender, ability, age, economic status, etc.) Through several different projects, San makes images that create a space for the marginalized to be seen, heard and understood. Weng San Sit lives in Singapore and Los Angeles and is a professor in the Photography program at Moorpark College.