Welcome to the Biological Sciences Department!

The Biological Sciences Department offers a diverse range of undergraduate biology courses.  The study of Biology leads to a a variety of careers upon the attainment of the baccalaureate degree. Many students then prepare for entry into graduate school or professional programs in dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy.  Careers are found in teaching, research, biotechnology, and government service.

Degree Options in Biology

A degree in Biology offers a wide range of opportunities in medicine, business, industry, government, and education.  

Degrees/Certificates offered:

All degrees optimize preparation for advanced degrees in Biology at four-year institutions or health professional programs. 


The Biological Sciences department is located in the Life Science, Mathematics, Computer Studies (LMC) and Health Science Center (HSC) buildings on the east side of the Moorpark College Campus.  The department has numerous teaching laboratories, lecture classrooms, and up-to-date laboratory equipment to provide students with required state-of-the-art tools and techniques.  Specialized laboratory rooms designed especially for use with human cadavers and mammalian dissections are used for all anatomy and anatomy/physiology courses. 

Dean of Student Learning

Carol Higashida, Phone (805) 378-1459

Full-time Faculty

Sandy Bryant, Audrey Chen (Asst. Dept. Chair), Katherine Courtney, Hovik GasparyanCarrie GeisbauerJazmir Hernandez, Jana Johnson, Subhash Karkare, Beth Miller, Melia Tabbakhian, Eric Shargo and Sean Wilcox.


Daniel Aguilar, Chuck Brinkman, Jodi Dickey, Danita Redd, Samantha Simmons

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