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Welcome to the Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department offers the opportunity for students to excel by providing the latest information and technology in both the lecture and laboratory settings. A comprehensive set of undergraduate courses fulfill the general education and transfer requirements of students through onsite offerings. Students may obtain an AS in chemistry; major requirements optimize preparation for advanced degrees in chemistry at four-year institutions. A background in chemistry is essential for many high-paying, challenging careers. Opportunities await the chemist in such fields as medicine and pharmaceuticals, metals and polymers, petroleum, electrochemistry, nanotechnology, forensics, aerospace, paper, food technology, business, and education.

Degree Options in Chemistry

To earn an Associate in Science Degree with a major in Chemistry, students complete 20 specified units, plus General Education Degree Requirements. These major requirements optimize preparation for upper division course work for advanced degrees in Chemistry offered by four-year institutions. In addition, earning this degree suggests an achievement of technical skills that may be helpful in seeking immediate employment. For specific transfer institution requirements, students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a counselor.


Department Co-Chair: Tiffany Pawluk