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About Program

Statistics & Machine Learning

Data Science is the marriage of statistics and machine learning, with the goal of using data to explain or predict outcomes. Data Science does not just use concepts and tools from mathematics and computer science, but it is also important for the data scientist to be able to communicate effectively as well as being cognizant of any ethical issues that may arise during the data science process.

Dynamic & Everchanging

Data Science, with its many applications, is a field of study that draws heavily from the foundational concepts in statistics and machine learning and uses programming to explain or predict outcomes from data. Data Science principles and achievements are omnipresent, dynamic, and ever-changing. The curriculum offered in the Certificate of Achievement is Data Science is designed both for those who are preparing to transfer to a four-year university to complete their Bachelor’s in Data Science, Business Administration, Computer Science, Computer Network Systems Engineering, Hospitality Management, Mathematics, Political Science, Philosophy, or a related field as well those who are currently in the work force and would like to get the Certificate to validate skill building. To earn the Certificate of Achievement in Data Science, students must complete between 15 - 16 specified units.