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The Journalism Program at Moorpark College has a twofold purpose: to provide preparation for careers in news, entertainment and sports media, public relations and communications, and to provide a study of the media of mass communications.

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The Journalism Program Course of Study

Students seeking the Associates Degree for Transfer in Journalism complete three required core courses, one of six Journalism electives, and two additional electives that include many General Education courses, and complete general education units and CSU degree requirements. Up to 12 of the total 18 in the major can be General Education courses, counting towards both the degree and their required GE.

Courses include Introduction to Mass Communication (satisfies GE IGETC 4G, CSU Breadth D7), Visual Communication (satisfies GE IGETC 3B, CSU Breadth C2), Reporting & Writing for Media, Intermediate Reporting & Writing, Public Relations, Digital Storytelling, Photojournalism, and more. 

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Student Journalists Get Hands-on Experience

Journalism students enrolled in the Student Voice staff classes get experience in many media platforms, including the broadcast-style podcast, radio podcast, reporting and writing for online and print editions. Student journalists go out on campus and into their communities to find and report stories for the and other student news media.

Journalism Prepares Students for Careers in Digital Media

Alumni from the Moorpark College Journalism program are currently working in digital news, web content management, social media management, broadcast news, communications and public relations, sports media, and law.

Journalism Students Transfer to University 

Our primary transfer institution is the nearby CSUN, where more than 800 students are pursuing Journalism majors. Moorpark College Journalism graduates are also attending or have attended UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, CSU San Diego, CSU San Francisco, CSU Fullerton, CSU Fresno, Hastings School of Law, and more.

Journalism Students Form a Cohort Through Teamwork

Student Voice students attend the awards banquet culminating a three-day journalism convention with 600 students from around the state.

They meet each other early on through Journalism/Mass Communication Majors Meetings, and their Intro to Mass Communication classes. Later, they get to know each other through their smaller writing and reporting classes. Then, they cap their learning experience by becoming part of a working team for the Student Voice when they enroll in the student news media classes, Jour 10 series. There, as members of the Student Voice staff, they work together to produce the and the Student Voice in print.

One added bonus: It’s fun. In journalism classes, whether students are focused on photography or writing, they are out on campus talking to other students. They’re interviewing our president to find out about class cuts or new programs. They’re reviewing the new musical at the Performing Arts Theater or interviewing its actors. They’re over with the pre-schoolers in the Child Development Center to write about that program or student-parents. They’re over talking with nurses about our campus health programs, and hanging out with the llamas and gibbons for stories on EATM or its students. And when they come back to their computers, they are learning how to sit down, organize their notes and thoughts, and turn them quickly into published works.

Consider journalism as a career, as preparation for a different career, or just for fun and to expand your skill set. It’s a good investment of your time and in your future! 


The Moorpark College Student Voice is an award-winning publication online and in print, distributed to the Moorpark College campus and surrounding communities. The print edition publishes three times per semester, while is published continuously throughout the academic year.

Students who want to share the camaraderie of working as a team toward a common goal should consider joining the Student Voice staff. Students in any of three CSU-transferable staff classes enjoy the hands-on experience of working in a newsroom to create journalistic stories in multiple media for publication online and in print. Jour M02, the foundational and transferrable course in reporting and writing, is highly recommended as a co-requisite or pre-requisite for any of the staff classes.

Students also participate in statewide competitions, workshops and conferences.


Journalism M01: Media and Society
CSU/UC transferable, GE credit, IGETC 3 units

In this General Education survey media course, students learn about each medium of mass communication, examining the social, political and cultural aspects of this country’s vast network of media sources.

Journalism M02: Reporting/Writing for the Media
CSU/UC transferable 3 units

Students learn the basics of good journalism, ethical and balanced interviewing, reporting, writing and presentation for publication. Required class for all journalism majors.

Journalism M03: Advanced Reporting and Presentation
CSU/UC transferable 3 units

Students enhance reporting skills, hone their writing skills, and learn to tell stories in multiple media using video and audio to expand topics for display on the web.

Journalism M05: Visual Communication
GE credit; CSU, UC,transferable 3 units

In this General Education survey of the visual media of communication, students explore the meaning and messages behind images, icons and and videos used in social, news and other media today.

Journalism M10A: Student Voice Staff
CSU transferable 3 units

Writers and photographers make the leap from student to staff in this on-the-job training course that helps refine reporting and writing skills under the direction of the faculty adviser and student editors.

Journalism M10B: Student Voice Staff Editing
CSU transferable 3 units

Student editors take charge as they plan each edition of the print and online news media. Editors plan and execute the edition with stories, photos, graphics and videos for all editions. Editors design and layout their pages as well as update web pages. Check out Student Voice Online to see the Student Voice on the web.

Journalism M10D: Student Voice Editing II
CSU transferable 3 units

Editors put it all together in this course, learning the nuances of news judgment and page design and building with InDesign, using a little Photoshop and Illustrator as they go. No experience necessary. We’ll teach you all you need to know.

Journalism M15: Digital Storytelling 
CSU transferable 3 units

In this hands-on course, students learn the fundamentals behind good video and visual storytelling as well as the techniques for shooting, editing and producing for the media.