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The Digital Journalism & Public Relations Program at Moorpark College exposes students to the tenets of digital media production, digital media design and data research, social media marketing and strategic public relations engagement. Throughout the courses offered students will have the opportunity to pursue a professional level of digital media training in their selected field, whether it is through the completion of our Digital Public Relations Certificate, our Digital Storytelling Certificate, or by professional publication with our own online daily newspaper, the Moorpark Reporter, students will get the tools they need to prepare for careers as public relations specialists, social media managers, data journalists, investigative reporters, film and video editors, market research analysts, sports and entertainment reporters, broadcast anchors, published authors, and much more. The Digital Media and Public Relations Department offers students a chance at a vibrant and fulfilling career. 

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Student Journalists Get Hands-on Experience

Journalism students enrolled in the Student Staff courses get experience on multiple digital media platforms, including the broadcast-style podcast, radio podcast, reporting and writing for digital publication, social media management, digital public relations training, content marketing, social and culture analytics and much more. Student journalists go out on campus and into their communities to find and report stories for the award winning

Journalism Prepares Students for Careers in Digital Media

Alumni from the Moorpark College Journalism program are currently working for major digital news outlets, corporate and non-profit public relations agencies, digital news outlets, web and graphic design companies, content market and social media management organizations, broadcast news stations, and much more. 

Moorpark Reporter 

The Moorpark College Moorpark Reporter is an award-winning digital publication that allows students the opportunity to publish news stories daily. Coverage ranges from Moorpark College athletic events, performing arts showcases, to investigative journalism and breaking news coverage, students are able to explore the full content of their beat and how its coverage applies to the daily publication. 

Students who want to share the camaraderie of working as a team toward a common goal should consider joining the Moorpark Reporter staff. Students in any of three CSU-transferable staff classes enjoy the hands-on experience of working in a newsroom to create journalistic stories in multiple media for publication online and in print. Jour M02, the foundational and transferrable course in reporting and writing, is highly recommended as a co-requisite or pre-requisite for any of the staff classes.

Students also participate in statewide competitions, workshops and conferences.


Department Chair: Rolland Petrello