Film/Television/Media (FTVM)

Program Purpose: Students who complete Film/TV/Media courses will transform language and concepts into fictional and non-fictional visualizations, and will be able to promote the critical analysis of mass communications through historical, cultural and business perspectives.

This major is designed for students who plan professional or academic careers in educational or commercial radio, television, or film production. The major provides training that leads to positions in management or creative capacities or in related scholarly areas. Study is directed toward developing competence in specific areas of the mass media professions and providing a general knowledge of mass communication theory.

Department Chair

Rolland Petrello
(805) 553-4869 | PA-124

Faculty and Staff

Candice Larson
FTVM Faculty
(805) 553-4843 | COM-104

Nicole Block
FTVM Faculty

Jason Beaton​
Radio and Audio Faculty

Michael Grimes
TV/Radio Production Specialist | Faculty
(805) 378-1490 | COM-140

Performing Arts and Student Life Division Office

Dean: Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz, Ph.D. | (

Division Office:  | AA - 101 | (805) 553-4121


Jodi Dickey and Michelle Reina

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