Fitness Studio


Fitness Activities Keep Your Mind and Body Fit
Moorpark College offers a variety of group fitness classes in our Fitness Studio located in G-122.  Offering convenient access to popular fitness activities, you can earn college credit, while developing skills and knowledge for healthier living.

In our group fitness classes you will learn concepts and practices specific to fitness activities of your choice, meet faculty and student's with similar interests, and be provided an opportunity to condition your body and mind. Regular participation in this program can help keep you physically fit, mentally alert, and emotionally relaxed. 

Course Offerings:
Cardiovascular Conditioning

  • KINM42 Aerobic Dance Fitness
  • KINM43 Cardio Kickboxing
  • KIN M52 Core Fitness with Cardio
  • KINM34 Body Conditioning Boot Camp

Core and Muscular Conditioning

  • KINM50 Pilates
  • KINM51 Core Stability and Stretch
  • KINM53 T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Check back for new courses in our growing group fitness program. Moorpark College also offers non-studio classes in personal fitness and a variety of sports, please refer to the Moorpark Catalog for more information, or look in the current schedule of classes under the heading of Kinesiology.