Career Opportunities:

Civil Service, Consulting, Customs, Diplomacy, Education, Heath Services, Immigration/Naturalization, Imports/Exports, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Journalism/Broadcasting, Manufacturing, Linguistics, Sales, Social Work, Translation/Interpretation, and Travel Services.


Full Time Faculty

Perry Bennett


Department Administration and Staff

Office:  |  805-553-4133

HSS-114 (Humanities and Social Sciences Building)

Division Dean: Howard Davis  (

Administrative Assistant: Kristen McCloskey  (


Wendy Berg, Ingris Hernandez



The Department of World Languages strongly encourages all students to enroll in language courses at the appropriate course level. Students who enroll in levels below their ability often do not succeed in their chosen course.  See the Moorpark College Catalog for prerequisite information.

Students unable to demonstrate completion of the prerequisite with transcripts, but who believe that their experience with the language should qualify them for admission to a higher level, may nevertheless enroll in courses at a higher level upon completing an online "diagnostic" level test and then requesting a waiver for enrollment. To register for and complete this test, please click here:

French Assessment

Upon completion, please contact your academic counselor or the world languages department.



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