Geographic Information Systems is a new technology of computer mapping that records, stores, analyzes and displays information about the features that make up the earth's surface. This technology has application in many career fields including geological surveying, travel, and law enforcement. To explore specific career options, check the software and online resources available in the Career/Transfer Center located in the Administration Building, (805) 378-1536. 

For more information on the course objectives and expected student learning outcomes for this course, select GIS M01.

Department Administration and Faculty

Office:  Administration Bldg. 136 (A 136)

Telephone: (805) 378-1572


  • Robert Cabral, Interim Dean of Student Learning
  • Mary Anne Beck, Administrative Assistant 

Department Co-Chair


Counselors who specialize in Geography, Chuck Brinkman and Danita Redd, can be contacted through the Counseling Office .

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