The love of wisdom

The study of philosophy invites students to carefully analyze and thoughtfully respond to the fundamental ideas and basic concerns present in the human experience. The goal is to examine ourselves, our culture, and our world and the persisting questions regarding human thought and action. Instruction in philosophy teaches, not what to think, but how to think. The program also develops skills in analytical and critical thinking and writing that are excellent preparation for professional careers.


Behavioral & Social Science Division Office

Dean (Interim): Traci Allen

Department Chair: Lee Ballestero, (805) 553-4172

Full-time Faculty:

Brian Herlocker, (805) 553-4823

Matthew Morgan, (805) 553-4197

Adjunct Faculty:

John Birmingham, Douglas Thiel, Lucas Mather

Adjunct faculty list their contact information for students on their course syllabi.  In addition, students can leave a message for a particular instructor with the division office by calling (805) 378-1445.


Pam Kennedy-Luna, Anitra Evans, Jodi Dickey

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