Political Science

The study of government and politics is the study of how people are governed and how they govern themselves. We examine the process by which scarce resources are allocated to an expanding population with ever-increasing demands. We look at American politics as an experience in “self-government” and realize that our system is quite different from the political systems developed by other countries. The study of politics includes the examination of how diversity impacts American politics. Our discipline also seeks to understand how nations deal with each other and what kinds of issues are likely to separate them – and how they resolve international conflict. A number of political science courses help prepare students for specific careers. For example, political science is often used as a pre-law major or for other related professions, such as careers in government at the federal, state or local levels. Our discipline is also appropriate for a number of other non-government professions and our faculty invite your questions about such opportunities.


Behavioral & Social Science Division Office

Dean (Interim): Traci Allen

Department Chair: Lee Ballestero, (805) 553-4172

Full-time Faculty:

Lee Ballestero, Jack Miller, Steven Pfeffer

Adjunct Faculty:

Richard Kemp, Mark Moore, Richard Neve

Adjunct faculty list their contact information for students on their course syllabi.  In addition, students can leave a message for a particular instructor with the division office by calling (805) 378-1445.


Anitra Evans, Pam Kennedy-Luna, Giselle Ramirez

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