Sociology offers much to the student who is eager to understand the web and rhythm of human behavior. From intimate, personal, and family relationships to international corporation activities; from marginality, deviance and crime to recreation, religion and medicine; few disciplines have such broad scope and relevance.

Behavioral & Social Science Division Office

Dean: Howard Davis

Department Chair: Danielle Vieira, (805) 553-4196

Full-time Faculty:

Danielle VieiraRebecca Gresh

Adjunct Faculty:

Cynthia Barnett-Shelby, Claire Fratello, Emily Frydrych, Siobhan Goldberg, Katie Lookholder, Daniele Loprieno, Teresa Madden, Linda McDill, Karith (Kari) Meyers, Arman Mgeryan, Monica Walters

Adjunct faculty list their contact information for students on their course syllabi.


Anitra Evans, Pam Kennedy-Luna, Giselle Ramirez

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