College Reports

ACCJC Annual Reports and Institution-Set Standards

Annual Report/ISS 2024

Annual Report/ISS 2023

Annual Report/ISS 2022

Annual Report/ISS 2021

Annual Report/ISS 2020

Annual Fiscal Report 2024

Annual Fiscal Report 2023

Annual Fiscal Report 2022

Annual Fiscal Report 2021

Annual Fiscal Report 2020


Research Agenda

Research Agenda 2023-2024


Institutional Effectiveness Reports

Note: these reports are now on a five year cycle to inform the development of each new strategic plan.

Institutional Effectiveness Report 2018

Institutional Effectiveness Report 2017

Institutional Effectiveness Report 2015

Student Services

A survey which is designed and administered by our department every two years, student satisfaction with Moorpark College Student Services is analyzed.

Student Services Report 2017

Student Health

Utilizing data from the National College Health Assessment, a survey which is administered nationally, every three years, we analyze the trends of Moorpark College students.

Student Health Trends Report 2016

Student Health Trends Report 2019

Programmatic Reports

Guided Path to Success (GPS)

GPS Annual Report 2017

GPS Annual Report, Cohort 2