Career Exploration

The Career Transfer Center provides Career Exploration programs, classes, workshops and counseling that can help you research career options. It also offers links to online assessments to help you explore majors bases on your interests and abilities.


Students are encouraged to take COUN M20: Self-Paced Career Assessment. The course introduces some online self-assessment tools to identify and prioritize values, interests, skills and personality attributes. The course involves:

  • Attending a 4-hour orientation class.
  • Taking five career assessments.
  • Attending a 4-hour debriefing class.
  • Learning which careers/majors fit YOU.
  • Earning a .5-unit grade credit, transferrable to CSU.

Students are also invited take M02: Career Development. This course introduces self-assessment tools to identify college majors and career by clarifying your interests, skills, values, and personality type. The course involves:

  • Attending an orientation, midterm and final class.
  • Participating in online exercises, assignments and discussions.
  • Learning which careers/majors fit YOU.
  • Earning a 3-unit grade credit, transferrable to CSU.

* Review the Moorpark College Catalog for more information.


Various workshops are sponsored by the Career Transfer Center and will be scheduled throughout the semester. Check back for more information!


Check with the Career Transfer Center for appointment availability to discuss major and career options or about one of the personal development career classes.

Career Exploration Assessments: Career Cruising - a program that matches your interests with careers. It also provides a typical daily schedule for any given career so you can see if a certain type of career is a good fit.  (Please stop by the Career Transfer Center for username and password).

Some things assessments can answer:

* How You Learn. They can reveal your dominant learning style(s) are and will aid you in developing study techniques that may fit your learning style.

* What Your Values Are. They assess your values and assist in matching them to a career. There are a variety of questions that will enhance your review of values and the role they play in your life.

* Who Your Inner Heroes Are: They assess your personality characteristic. They are useful as a simple and insightful communications builder.

* What Your Functional Skills Are: They aid you in discovering your functional transferable skills. It can greatly enhance self confidence when you realize that you already have skills that are useful in your personal life.

* Register with the Career Transfer Center for a Username and Password to these assessments.

Employment Opportunities:

  1. Search job opportunities on the college's job search engine.
  2. Gain experience by doing an internship or volunteering.
  3. Attend the Job & Career Expo during the Spring Semester.

Useful Websites: Explore majors and prerequisites for CSU/UC Campuses
California Career Zone
California Colleges: Explore majors & other criteria to match your interests.
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