2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Design a Sticker

Learn how to design and format stickers for printing at the MakerSpace using Inkscape.


This semester our campus MakerSpace has been moved online and we are ready to assist you with making!  While students are not permitted to use the MakerSpace equipment directly, our Virtual MakerSpace via Zoom is open Wed-Fri from 2pm-5pm. MakerSpace Staff are ready to help you with your projects.  If you want a project printed, laser cut, heat pressed, or more, you can submit them to us through our Canvas shell. Then make an appointment to come on campus to pick up your project through our outdoor, contact-free pick-up system.  Coming to campus requires an appointment and pre-screening via the MyVCCCD app in addition to an on-campus screening once you arrive.

If you would like to enroll in our Canvas shell to submit projects and access resources please email us from your student/faculty/staff email at mcmakerspace@vcccd.edu

Did you just say to yourself, “But what about those workshops MakerSpace is world famous for?  I love those workshops!”  Fret not.  We have a full slate of workshops scheduled for this semester.  All workshops will be on ZOOM. 

Happy Making from the MakerSpace Team!

Moorpark College Maker Space Workshops. All workshops will take place on zoom at 2pm. Visit moorparkcollege.edu/student-services/makerspace to access the link to the Zoom.
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