All Day Event

Multicultural Day 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


This year's Multicultural Day will be all online! Consider being a part of this exciting day by presenting on a topic that reflects the theme: Climate of Change. 


What does this mean to the Humanities? To Science? To the Social Sciences? How are things changing in Technology? In Math? In the Arts? In Medicine? How is the climate of our campus changing?


See our website for all things multicultural and recordings of Zoom events this year!


This year is like no other year to date. So, in keeping in stride, our Multicultural "Day" will be a virtual online salon style presentation of student, staff and community contributions. We WILL have a virtual Multicultural Day on April 13, 2021. The day will feature videos and break-out MCD sessions that students and staff can choose from.

All events are captioned and have ASL Interpreters.

Colorful graphic with the hands of young people in the air and text that reads: Multicultural Day Climate of Change
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