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Don Jose Ruiz

Wednesday November 16
1:00-2:30pm. in the MC Forum.
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Like his father, Author Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz provides new insights with ancient wisdom, don Jose Ruiz is dedicating his life to sharing the ancient Toltec wisdom by translating it into practical, everyday life concepts that promote transformation through truth, love and common sense. don Jose teaches and lectures across the United States and around the world: Power Journeys to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Palenque, Tulum and Coba; workshops with guest don Miguel or other teachers at Omega ­NY, Austin, and Vancouver.

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Don Jose Ruiz has now collaborated with his father don Miguel Ruiz on a new book that offers a fresh perspective on the Four Agreements, and a powerful new agreement for transforming our lives into our personal heaven: The Fifth Agreement.

The Fifth Agreement takes us to a deeper level of awareness of the power of the Self, and returns us to the authenticity we were born with. In this compelling sequel to The Four Agreements, we are reminded of the greatest gift we can give ourselves: the freedom to be who we really are.

One of don Jose’s newest passions is his band Circle of Shadows. The Circle of Shadows is a collective of artists that formed in 2008, inspired by the dream of different voices coming together to share a common message of truth. Although geographically dispersed, the various members of the collective gather to create, record and tour

Javier Zamora: Oct 19 @12PM

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Moorpark College is proud to announce a Zoom webinar featuring author Javier Zamora on October 19th at 12:00pm with a discussion of his personal memoir “SOLITO.” This one hour long event will be held on Zoom and is free to the public with online registration and is part of Undocumented Student Action Week.

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Javier Zamora was born in La Herradura, El Salvador in 1990. When he was a year old, his father fled El Salvador due to the US-funded Salvadoran Civil War (1980-1992). His mother followed her husband’s footsteps in 1995 when Javier was about to turn five. Zamora was left at the care of his grandparents who helped raise him until he migrated to the US when he was nine. His first poetry collection, Unaccompanied (Copper Canyon Press, September 2017), explores some of these themes.

In his debut memoir, SOLITO (Hogarth, September 2022), Javier retells his nine-week odyssey across Guatemala, Mexico, and eventually through the Sonoran Desert. He travelled unaccompanied by boat, bus, and foot. After a coyote abandoned his group in Oaxaca, Javier managed to make it to Arizona with the aid of other migrants

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MCD 2022: Critical Conversations

This years event was held on April 12, 2022
Both an invitation and a challenge to engage in complex dialogues with others to find ways to promote intersectionality, alliance, and consciousness of the increasingly diverse world in which we live.

Award Winning Author on Main Stage

Susan Straight @Moorpark College April 12

Our keynote speaker will discuss her new novel, the ambitious and enthralling “Mecca,” is set, like nearly all her fiction, in the Inland Empire and high desert areas. The native tobacco plants, the San Jacinto range, the baked-in racism — all are seen through the eyes of the overlooked and written-off. The citrus pickers. The old Latina woman living on inherited land, scared the county will take it away. The Black boy with braids who drops his phone in front of a cop. None of them take history lightly because it’s written too much of their destiny. Read the LA TIMES ARTICLE

Susan Straight by Gina Ferazzi


Born, raised, and still living in Jackson, Mississippi, Ms Thomas is a former teen rapper and holds a BFA in creative writing from Belhaven University. Her award-winning, acclaimed debut novel, The Hate U Give, is a #1 New York Times bestseller and major motion picture from Fox 2000, starring Amandla Stenberg and directed by George Tillman, Jr. Join Angie in a special Moorpark College featured ZOOM event, April 19 @1PM.

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Native American Heritage


We acknowledge Moorpark College occupies the unceded traditional land of the Chumash people who have stewarded it throughout generations. As we honor the Chumash people with gratitude, we commit to learning how we may be better stewards of this land we inhabit as well. We seek to build relationships with the Chumash community through academic pursuits, partnerships, historical recognitions and community service as these relationships are foundational for inclusive and equitable education and community engagement.

The MCD Committee

Thank you and many others for your work on another Multicultural Day event! Brian Burns, Ariana Burrell, Shyan Diaz-Brown, Suzanne Fagan, Mary Poitier, Michael Ashton, Michael Grimes, David Birchman, Dina Pielaet, Beth Gillis-Smith, Cynthia Osuna, Linda Resendiz, Kristen McCloskey, Steven Pfeiffer, Cherisse Meichtry, Rozie Gabrielyan and Maria Thayer.


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