Multicultural Day


Moorpark College Multicultural Day
Tuesday April 9, 2024

Theme: Finding Joy. Discovering Connections

Please check back often for updates for our exciting day of alternative instruction! If you are interested in joining the workgroup or volunteering on the day of the event: Please email Brian Burns

About Multicultural Day

Founded over 30 years ago by a dedicated corps of Moorpark College faculty and staff, Moorpark College’s annual Multicultural Day is an alternative day of instruction where students and community guests are invited to learn about, contribute to, and celebrate the diverse cultural influences that shape our shared society while developing a sense of cultural literacy. 

The core principles and goals of Multicultural Day are:

1) To promote an understanding of and appreciation for the contributions made by diverse 
cultures – domestic and foreign.

2) To discover cultural traits in our diverse world that unite rather than divide us. 

3) To make MC Day a safe space for sharing differences of opinions, diverse cultural norms, and uncommon viewpoints.

4) To promote creative, experiential, and approachable means for understanding and appreciating cultures in academically challenging and approachable ways.

The MCD Committee

Many thanks to our MCD 2024 Workgroup!

David Birchman, Brian Burns, Ariana Burrell, Shyan Diaz-Brown, Beth Gillis, Susan Kinkella, Beth Megill, Cherisse Meichtry, Anasheh Oliven, Cynthia Osuna, Dina Pielaet, Steven Pfeffer, Linda Resendiz, Kristen Robinson, Clare Sadnik, Crystal Salas, Nighat Shah, Lauren Snowden, Claudia Wilroy

Thematic Design

The thematic design for this year’s event was created by Moorpark College student Alyssa Huang. Thank you for your fantastic work!

Thanks and Appreciation:

Many thanks to our presenters and performers for the event!

Many thanks as well to the many Moorpark College faculty, staff, and student volunteers who work behind the scenes to facilitate the event. This is a full community effort! Thank you to all the audience members participating in the day. 

Special Thanks

As always, special thanks to Ranford Hopkins and Cynthia Barnett for showing us the way.

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge Moorpark College occupies the unceded traditional land of the Chumash people who have stewarded it throughout generations. As we honor the Chumash people with gratitude, we commit to learning how we may be better stewards of this land we inhabit as well. We seek to build relationships with the Chumash community through academic pursuits, partnerships, historical recognitions and community service as these relationships are foundational for inclusive and equitable education and community engagement.


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