About Microsoft Teams

Note: Microsoft Teams replaced Skype for Business as the District's Telephone System as of Spring 2022. 


Request a Team

If you would like to request a team for your department, discipline, or division, please complete the Microsoft Team Request Form.  Your request will be forwarded for approval to the appropriate stakeholders. 


Tips for Requesting a Team

Please request a team with a broad use in mind.  For example, a division team can include all division members but be broken down into individual disciplines and/or departments via private Channels.  


Using Teams

Video Tutorials

For a general overview of how to use Teams (and to learn what is possible in the Teams application), please refer to the video recordings below:


Training via Microsoft Learn

Free training/learning pathways are available to all district employees via Microsoft Learn.  Below are some suggested trainings that will best prepare you to work with Microsoft Teams: