Moorpark College Publications Department

Bring Your Printing To Life!!

Did you know that Moorpark College has a publications and printing department right here on campus? We offer graphic design and full color printing capabilities.

Whether it's a simple black and white form or a four color, knock ‘em out flyer, we can do it for you... postcards, newsletters, NCR forms, brochures, manuals - you name it!



Our print shop can do small, one color jobs as well as large quantity full color printing. We offer....

  • folding
  • cutting
  • collation
  • saddle stitching
  • padding
  • drilling
  • color copying
  • laminating

Many of your projects can proceed from design to web-posting, too!

What You Should Know

We have multiple jobs in progress at all times. It's important that you allow sufficient lead time to make your deadline. Production can take from a week to two months.

Call us!!  Kerry Mehle/Print Shop: 378-1559

DESIGN - All copy should be provided in a digital format - via email, CD, zip disk or on a thumb drive. It's best that you finalize and proof your copy BEFORE sending it to us to minimize proofing and ensure that your project gets done on time. You can submit actual photos that we will scan and return, or you may provide digital photos. Please DO NOT send photos embedded into a Word document. Keep in mind that a higher resolution photo will work best. Pulling photos or logos off of an internet web site is not recommended.

LAYOUT - Always include a rough mock up of your idea - especially for multiple page pieces. We need to know where ads should be placed and in what order your information should be arranged.

PRINTING - When you submit your order we'll need to know size, quantity, color and completion date. We also need an account number for billing purposes.

Bringing Your Printing to Life (PDF)