Professional Development

Learning More about the Guided Pathways Framework
The Discussion at Moorpark College

Defining Guided Pathways, presented by Rob Johnstone (April 20, 2017)
(click here for PowerPoint)

Guided Pathways Team from Bakersfield College (August 10, 2017) (click here for PowerPoint PDF)

Exploration of Meta-Majors, presented by Dr. Gretchen Schmidt and Dr. Rob Johnstone (Pathways Forum on Jan 19, 2018)
(click here for PowerPoints regarding Exploration of Meta-Majors, KPI Data for Moorpark College & National Data, and Lessons Learned fro the AACC Pathways Project and National Pathways Examples).


Further Questions, Comments, Information?

For questions, comments, and further input, please contact:
Nenagh Brown, Academic Senate President
Julius Sokenu, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Amanuel Gebru, Vice President of Student Support

Further Resources

Further official information about Guided Pathways:
California Guided Pathways Project
Guided Pathways Demystified I: Exploring Ten Commonly Asked Questions about Implementing Pathways