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How do I access Canvas?

How do I get help with Canvas?

Is there a Canvas Orientation for my students?

Is there a way to quickly learn the Canvas basics?

Are there online tutorials for learning Canvas?

Where is the student view?

How do I create a sandbox course space?

How do I get my courses to show up on your Dashboard in the Courses menu?

Will Canvas work with my browser?

  • Canvas is compatible with pretty much all major browsers and devices, provided you have updated them.  See Which browsers does Canvas support? for a specific list of browser versions that are compatible with Canvas.

Does Canvas work on my phone?

Can students see my course before the start date?

What do I need to do to get my course ready at the start of the semester?

How do I email my students?

How do I add or change a link in the left-hand navigation menu?

  • In Canvas, you cannot add new links to the navigation menu, only remove, hide, or change the order of links.* If an item is grayed out, it means you can see it, but students can’t.  See How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links? for more information, and use the Student View (see above) to double check how your course and navigation looks to your students.  

*There is a 3rd party app that allows you to add links to the Canvas navigation menu.  See these instructions on using the Redirect Tool.

What is the difference between Pages and Modules?

  • Pages are static web pages. They are meant to hold content, like text, embedded videos, links to outside resources, etc. Modules let you sequence and organize your content and activities. A module might contain one or more pages, plus an assignment, a pdf file, a quiz, and so forth. With a module, you can set the sequence and whether or not students are required to view or complete an item in a module. Modules help students understand what they need to do in your course.
  • Here are different examples of ways to organize a module.

How do I check for plagiarism?


There is some documentation for using TurnItIn in the Canvas Guides, including:

How can I use math equations and formulas in Canvas?

How do I manage and access my test banks?

How do I delete or undelete items?

  • Click the settings gear icon next to any item to delete it.  Example: How do I delete an assignment? Note, however, that when you are on the Modules page, it says 'Remove', not 'Delete'.  That is because modules only contain links to items, not the actual items.  If you remove a page or file from a module, the page or file is still in your course, just no longer listed in that module.  To delete it, you need to go to the Pages or Files area, or to the actual item to be able to delete it.
  • You can undelete and restore items that were accidentally deleted.  Add "/undelete" (no quotes) to the end of the URL to your course.  See Undeleting things in Canvas.

How do I give bonus points or extra credit?

  • You can add more than the maximum points to an assignment in the gradebook or SpeedGrader (example: 105/100).  If you use assignment group weighting, however, and you create a zero point 'bonus' assignment, make sure it is in a group with at least one other non-zero point assignment, or the bonus points will not be counted (because zero points times percentage weight equals zero).
  • See How do I give extra credit in a course? for more details and more techniques for bonus points and extra credit.

What third party apps work with Canvas?

  • There are hundreds of apps compatible with Canvas listed on EduAppCenter. You can add them by going to your course -> Settings -> Apps.  One example third party app is the Piazza question & answer forum tool.  To add some third party apps, you may need a consumer key, shared secret, and launch URL (for example, see these instructions for adding Piazza to Canvas).  If you cannot find these through a search or through contacting the third party vendor, please contact your IT support.

How do I connect my Canvas course with various publisher tools?

What are some sample Canvas courses and templates?

What new features are in Canvas? How can I stay up to date?

  • Canvas updates their production version every 3 weeks. Here are the notes for each Canvas release on the Canvas Community site. Click the Follow button on the top right to subscribe to release notes.

How can I join the Canvas Community?