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  Tracie Bosket
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Faculty Peer Support Network

Over 40 Moorpark faculty who have completed their District DE Certification have offered to help answer your questions about Canvas or ConferZoom. 

Faculty Email Discipline
Shannon Macias Accounting
Ruth Bennington Accounting
Ashley Vaughan Anthropology
Alexander Cheroske Anthropology
Rachel Messinger Anthropology
Becky Brister Art
Carrie Geisbauer Biology
Jazmir Hernandez Biology
Bill Sgro Business
Jack Goetz Business
Felix Masci Business
Christy Douglass Business/Hospitality
Raul Torres Career Center
Deanna Ochoa Child Development
Cindy Sheaks-McGowan Child Development
Melina Simonds Child Development
Heather Christiansen Child Development 
Ed Garcia CNSE
Wayne Snyder CNSE
Jenna Patronete Comm. Studies
Esmaail Nikjeh Computer Science
Priscilla Mosqueda Counselor
Shelly O'Brien EATM
Ray Zhang Economics
Katie Booth English
Mario Garcia English
Vita Watkins English
Jeffrey Sosner English
Jessica Hasson English
Vita Watkins English
Peter Parrish Environmental Science
Richard Feilden Film Studies
Nicole Block FTMA/Film Studies
Darius Clarke Game Design
Deena Friedlander Health Education
Stacy Gran History
Christian Beam History
Jietong Zhang Math
Claudia Gutierrez Math
Tammy Terzian Math
Katrina Topolinski Math
Marcos Enriquez Math
Nathan Bowen Music
Kristina Shaeffer Psychology
Kari Meyers Sociology
Cynthia Barnett-Shelby Sociology
Eileen Kennedy Theater Arts
Suzanne Fagan Theater Arts
Peggy O'Neal Theater Arts
Perry Bennett World Languages
Helga Winkler World Languages
Alejandra Valenzuela Mares World Languages