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What is Starfish Connect?

Starfish Connect is an online tool linked in Canvas that makes it quick and easy to provide support and feedback for your students.

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WHY USE Starfish Connect?

You can connect students individually or collectively with campus services, share a concern with a student or recognize great behavior.

You can use Starfish Connect anytime!

It’s located on your Canvas dashboard. You’ll receive reminders about Starfish Connect twice a semester. You will be prompted to complete a student progress survey for each of your classes mid-semester. The progress survey makes it quick and easy for you to raise flags or kudos for multiple students simultaneously. It’s as easy as clicking boxes next to
students’ names from your course roster. 

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For referrals, the campus support services will receive a notification and will email the student
with information.

• Tutorial Referral for the Writing Center or Math and Science Center
• Counselor for Academic Counseling
• Financial Aid for emergency grants, FAFSA, and other financial help
• Personal Access to mental health support services
• And More

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For at risk of failing, intervention needed, or any three or more flags raised, a student success coach
will contact the student to provide wraparound student support.

Alert a student When
Attendance/Participation Concern
• Low Quiz/Test Scores
• Not engaged in Online Learning

Alert a student success coach When
• Student At Risk of Failing
• Intervention is Needed

And More

For a single flag or Kudos, the student will receive an email notification. The instructor will lower the flag once the student takes action.

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Keep up the good work

Outstanding Academic Performance
• Showing Improvement
• And More

Helpful Flowchart (PDF)

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