Class of 2007

first day
The first day.....

work day
The end of workday - the first week...

2007 logo
The Class of 2007 logo

spring spectacular 2007
Spring Spectacular 2007 logo.

alysha deneke dahlia
Alysha and
Schmoo, the Sea Lion
Deneke and
Cain, the Chattering Lory
Dahlia and
Arrow, the Red-tailed Hawk
corey brittany dawn
Corey and
Harrison, the Harris Hawk
Brittany and
Indiana, an Emperor Scorpion
Dawn and
a baby Sun Bear
emma fiona christie
Emma and
Scooter, the Capuchin Monkey
Fiona and
Indiana, the Emperor Scorpion

Christie and
Ghost, the Bald Eagle

janice jennifer katie
Janice and
Nick, the Miniature Horse
Jenn and
Schmoo, the Sea Lion
Katie and
Arrow, the Red-tailed Hawk
jessica kathryn laura d
Jay and
a Hissing Cockroach
Kathryn and
a baby Sun Bear
Laura and
Rowdy, a Striped Skunk
mary lynnlee s  
Mary and
Alladin, the Chinchilla
Lynnlee and
Dunny, a Scottish Highland Cow
trisha laura melissa
Trisha and
Puppy, a Turkey Vulture
Laura and
Puppy, the Turkey Vulture
Melissa and
a Tegu Lizard named Maximus
matt natalie nicolette
Matt and
a Bearded Dragon Lizard named Spike
Natalie and
Lizzie, a Red-tailed Boa

Nicolette and
Happy, the American Alligator

sarah m rosemarie sierra
Sarah and
Peachers, the Moluccan Cockatoo
RoseMarie and
Gumdrop, the Kookaburra
Sierra and
a baby Sun Bear
suzanne ricky morgan
Suzanne and
Zeta, a Red-crested Turaco
Ricky and Ghost,
the Bald eagle
Morgan and a snake
amy b pirates laurel
Amy and Schmoo,
the California Sea Lion

Pirate crew,
Spring Spectacular

Laurel and a snake
fernando yuki gali
during a show
Yuki and Aladdin,
the Chinchilla
Gali and Banjo,
the Blue and Gold Macaw
cara christina jessica s
Cara and Kisu,
the Mountain Lion
Christina and Sweet Pea, the Barn Owl Jessica and Nicholas.
the Miniature Horse
jessi karl amy r
Jessi and Barney,
the Yellow-fronted Amazon Parrot
Karl and Nova,
the Great-horned Owl
Amy and a snake

Students from the class of 2007 have found jobs at the following places ;

Temple of the Tiger, Six Flags New Jersey - Gulf World Marine Park, Panama City, Florida -
Going Ape, Auburn, California - Underwood Family Farms, Moorpark, California -
Birds and Animals Unlimited, Universal Studios Hollywood, Hollywood, California
and more...