COVID-19 Information

May 25, 2022: Update on COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Students and Employees, 

With last week’s in-person commencement ceremonies—the first in three years due to the pandemic—we are reminded of the dedication of our students, classified staff, and faculty who made the ceremonies possible. Students, thank you for your hard work, and congratulations on achieving your goals.

For employees and students who are still coming onto campus, the following are some reminders of the latest COVID-19 protocols at Moorpark, Oxnard, and Ventura colleges and the District Administrative Center:

  • The vaccine mandate will stay in effect for the Summer and Fall semesters. For in-person classes, individuals are still required to report their vaccinations or submit a request for an exemption.  
  • Masks are no longer required indoors but remain strongly recommended as a method of reducing COVID-19 spread. According to the County of Ventura, COVID is likely increasing in our community at this time.
  • On-campus screening ended May 19, but please continue to complete the MyVCCCD app daily screening form to get your blue pass before coming on-site. Many thanks to all the campus screeners who supported the campuses and served as the first face of the colleges to guests and the community.
  • Twice-weekly COVID-19 testing is no longer mandatory for exempt/non-vaccinated employees or students.
  • Any individual who experiences COVID-19 symptoms, regardless of vaccination status, is recommended to take a COVID-19 test.  For COVID-19 testing locations, visit Ventura County Recovers. Please do not come to campus or the DAC; contact the Student Health Center on your campus. In addition, students, notify your instructors; employees, notify your supervisor.

VCCCD will continue to align with orders from the Ventura County Public Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control. We will continue keeping students and employees updated on changes to the COVID-19 protocols. If you have any questions, visit our COVID-19 information page

Best regards,
Greg Gillespie, Ph.D.
Ventura County Community College District


Vaccine Requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact everyone in the community. As the District strives to assist students, employees, and community members in staying healthy, it's clear the vaccine plays an important role in protecting people from getting the COVID-19 virus. 

VCCCD requires all students and employees to be vaccinated. Students and employees must continue to complete the daily screening form in the MyVCCCD app every time you plan to be on-site. You must have a blue pass or gray pass to be on campus.

Blue Pass

  • Your Vaccination Card has been Uploaded and Verified on the MyVCCCD App. You are approved to come onto campus.

Gray Pass (visitors)

  • You completed the daily screening form at home or at a kiosk on campus. You are approved to come onto campus.

More information on uploading your vaccination card is available at Healthy Return to Campus.  

Medical and Religious Exemptions

See below under “Vaccine Information” for exemption information:

  • Students
    • Choosing to Remain Unvaccinated
    • Student Vaccine Exemption Forms
  • Employees
    • Employee Vaccine Exemption Forms

More information on uploading your vaccination card is available at Healthy Return to Campus.  

For students and employees: If you are already fully vaccinated and have had your vaccination card verified through the MyVCCCD app, please continue to answer the app’s screening questions before coming to campus. 

Vaccine Exemptions

Student Vaccine Requirement FAQs