Self-Placement Guides

Moorpark College provides self-placement services to help students determine appropriate placement into Math, English, and ESL. 

Math Self-Placement Guides

English Self-Placement Guide

This Self-Placement Guide will help you make an informed choice about which writing course to take first.  While all students have the option of enrolling directly in ENGL M01A (English Composition), you have several choices. 

You may decide to 

  • enroll in ENGL M01A, 
  • enroll in a section of M01A linked with a free one-hour/week support course (ENGL M91AS), 
  • supplement M01A with regular tutoring at the Writing Center, or
  • start with a preparatory class, ENGL M02 (Introduction to College Writing).

The Self-Placement Guide will help you analyze your own writing skills, goals, and study habits so you can choose the course and support services that will lead most directly to your success. 

ESL (English as a Second Language)

    If you graduated from an American high school, follow the English Self-Placement Guide.  For ESL placement information, refer to ESL self-placement