Social Justice

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Moorpark College is deeply committed to ongoing efforts to cultivate a welcoming campus climate that is inclusive, and an environment where students, faculty, staff and administrators feel supported and safe. We are committed to healing historical traumas, eliminating socioeconomic gaps through more equitable resource distribution, improving the learning experience to ensure student success and building mutual understanding and respectful relationships. The work of the campus community in this area has been intentional in how we live the principles of anti-racism, inclusion, equity, and social justice.

Moorpark College IS its people

In our recruitment, we are developing practices to attract candidates with professional skills, experience and willingness to advance the college’s values of equity and success.  Diversity is critical to achieving the college mission and must be shared by all members of our campus community. The goal is to live out our principles by providing access to high-quality education, helping all students identify and achieve their educational goals and strive to eliminate  equity gaps.  In doing so, we will empower students from all walks of life to thrive in our campus. Our students are part of a multicultural society, and our work is to prepare them to be citizens of an ecosystem that values diverse perspectives and individuals. Our work is also to prepare them to be citizens who can employ creative and culturally responsive means to provide solutions to pressing local, state, national and global problems.

Themes & Goals