Proposed Art Major:

  Required Courses Units
ARTH M110 History of Art: Prehistoric through Gothic 3.0
ARTH M120 History of Art: Renaissance through Modern 3.0
ARTH M150 History of Art: Modern through Contemporary 3.0
ART M20 Two Dimensional Design 3.0
ART M23 Three Dimensional Design 3.0
ART M30 Drawing and Composition I 3.0
GR M23/PHTC M33 Image Editing 3.0
  Units from ONE of RECOMMENDED OPTIONS 15.0
Total   36.0

RECOMMENDED OPTIONS: Choose one of the following

2-D Studio Art Option (15 Units)

  Required Courses Units
ART M31 Drawing and Composition II 3.0
ART M32 Beginning Life Drawing I 3.0
ART M33 Beginning Life Drawing II 3.0
ART M40 Beginning Illustration 3.0
ART M43 Beginning Painting I 3.0
ART M41 Intermediate Illustration 3.0
ART M44 Beginning Painting II 3.0
ART M90 Beginning Printmaking I 3.0
ART M91 Beginning Printmaking II 3.0


3-D Studio Art Option (15 Units)

  Required Courses Units
ART M70 Beginning Ceramics I 3.0
ART M71 Beginning Ceramics II 3.0
ART M72 Ceramic Design I 3.0
ART M73 Ceramic Design II 3.0
ART M74 Glaze Design I 3.0
ART M75 Glaze Design II 3.0
ART M77 Beginning Sculpture I 3.0
ART M78 Beginning Sculpture II


ART M79A Figure Sculpture I 3.0
ART M79B Figure Sculpture II 3.0

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