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About the Biotechnology Program

Biotechnology is a rapidly growing industry with projections for continued growth and exciting opportunities for employment. The Biotechnology Program at Moorpark College is one of several in the State with a comprehensive curriculum in bio-manufacturing. This program is designed in consultation with members of local industry (Amgen, Takeda, Thermo Fisher Scientific and others) to provide the essential technical experiences and training needed for this thriving field. The curriculum balances basic science courses with practical laboratory applications.

Beginning Fall 2024 Moorpark College will offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomanufacturing. Stay tuned for program details and how to apply.



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Degrees, Certificates and FAQs

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Some Careers in Biotechnology

From Intern to Full Time Employee

Moorpark College Student Paola Martinez, turned her internship into full employment.

 "This internship was the perfect way for me to get my foot in the door at Thermo Fisher Scientific. I have learned so much here and I’m excited to continue learning more!” - Paola

Paola Martinez, Thermo Fisher