The Child Development Center Laboratory School offers an exemplary early care and education experience for children aged 2 through 5 years. The program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and offers experiences to enhance children’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Affiliated with the college Child Development Department, the Laboratory School serves as a practicum and observation site for members of the Moorpark College community.

What is a “Laboratory School”?

At Moorpark College, being a “lab” school means that the Child Development Center is an integral part of the Child Development Instructional Department. The Child Development Center serves as a training institution for the College, and has an outstanding teaching staff that attract both quality students interested in Child Development professions and families who are interested in quality early childhood education for their children.

Student teachers are expected to be careful observers of children’s development. They are assigned to a regular classroom where they receive intensive mentoring from our highly qualified teaching staff and Moorpark College Child Development Instructional Faculty. In addition, our observation rooms are utilized by a variety of campus disciplines for child study and research.

Immunization Requirements
In order to be in the classrooms, students must bring proof of the following to the Child Development Center front desk:
 Measles Immunity* (2 MMR vaccinations, or a positive titer for Measles)

  • Tdap for Pertussis Immunity* (immunization must be after the age of 11)
  • Flu Immunity (you may choose to fill out a declination - available from the front desk)
  • TB Clearance (within 1 year of the last day of the semester - if you have ever received a positive result, you must submit a clear chest x-ray within 5 years with a yearly reevaluation.)

 *Only a physician can decline for Measles and Tdap due to “physical condition or medical circumstances.” Personal exemptions are no longer accepted even if signed by a doctor.  
The Student Health Center (Administration Building, A111) on campus offers immunizations and titer tests. (805) 378-1413

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