The Child Development Department offers:

Two Certificates of Achievement:

  • Child Development Associate Teacher Certificate
  • Child Development Certificate

Refer to the Course Catalog for more information. 


Students must file a petition for a degree, certificate, and/or proficiency award through the Counseling Office.


  • Students planning to transfer need to consult with a counselor, prepare a Student Education Plan, and take advantage of the support services available in the Career Transfer Center.
  • District Colleges offer three graduation dates: Summer term, Fall semester, and Spring semester.
  • Graduation petition deadline dates are locally announced at each District College, refer to the Academic Calendar for specific date and time.
  • Graduation ceremonies are conducted at the end of the Spring semester, refer to the Academic Calendar for specific date and time.

Traci Allen, Eddie Beltran, Roberta Brodie, Pam Kennedy-Luna, Ashley Lajoie, Giselle Ramirez.