1. Do I need a certificate or degree to work in the field of Child Development/Early Childhood Education?
You do NOT need a Moorpark College Certificate of Achievement to work in preschool. You need UNITS. California State Law (Title 22) requires that anyone working with children under the age of five years old must have a minimum of 12 units of Child Development.
See the Child Development Associate Teacher Certificate of Achievement requirements in the Course Catalog for recommended courses to fulfill those 12 units.
California State Law (Title 5) requires that anyone working in a publicly funded early childhood program must hold a Child Development Permit. The Child Development Permit is required for early childhood teachers. The Permit is not issued at Moorpark College, it issued through the California Department of Education, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). However, all of the courses you need to complete the requirements for a Child Development Permit are available at Moorpark College.
2. What is the difference between the Child Development Certificates offered at Moorpark and the Child Development Permit?
Certificates: Moorpark College offers two Child Development Certificates of Achievement. Certificates document that a student has completed a particular program of study. Moorpark College Child Development Certificates are NOT required for employment. Licensing requires UNITS (see Question #1 above). The certificates award the student with a " Certificate of Achievement ". These include a 24.5 unit and 12 unit option. These are intended for students who do not plan to receive an AA degree, but would like an in-depth knowledge of Child Development.
Please note: Private preschools do not require certificates; however, they do require Child Development/ECE units (see Question #1). Certificates are a good way to enhance a resume by showing academic and professional progress and dedication; certificates are NOT required to& work in the field. Moorpark College Certificates are not linked to a teaching credential in the field.
Child Development Permit: Teachers and Assistants must hold a Child Development Permit to be eligible for teaching or administration positions funded by California Department of Education, Child Development Division (Title 5). Title 5 programs include public preschools such as LAUSD, Head Start, LAUP, and State preschool programs. Please refer to the Child Development Permit Matrix for more information.
3. Once I have completed the courses needed for a certificate, where do I apply for a certificate?
You must complete the required courses with a grade of “C” or better. To apply for a certificate, please go to the Moorpark College Counseling Office.
4. Can I apply for the Child Development Permit at Moorpark College?
No. The Child Development Permit is available through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). Permit applications and reimbursement for application processing fees are available through the Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC). For assistance with your application, contact full-time faculty member Cynthia Sheaks-McGowan at (805) 533-4819
5. Which Child Development classes should I take?
We recommend students begin with the "Core 8" courses:
- CD M02 Human Development: Infancy through Adolescence
- CD M03 Child, Family and Community
- CD M04 Observation and Assessment and CD M04L Observation and Assessment Laboratory
- CD M05 Teaching in a Diverse Society
- CD M11 Principles and Programs: Early Childhood Education
- CD M12 Early Childhood Teaching Practicum and CD M12L Student Teaching Practicum Lab
- CD M14 Introduction to Curriculum
- CD M23 Health, Safety, and Nutrition for Children
6. If I take 12 units in Child Development, will this guarantee me a job in the field?
Private preschools may hire you with only 12 units in CD; however, most directors hire the applicant with the most units and experience. It is recommended that you contact a prospective employer to inquire about their individual employment requirements. There are many schools that only hire applicants with an Associates or Bachelors degree in the field. The more education and experience you have, the more desirable you will be in a competitive job market. Public Preschools, such as Head Start and LAUSD can only hire teachers with at least 60 units (an A.S. degree) plus a Child Development Permit and Teacher’s Assistants with 12 CD units plus a Child Development Permit. Click link for more information on employment requirements for LAUSD Early Childhood Division.
7. I am transferring from another college, how do I find out which Child Development courses Moorpark College will accept from my previous college?
The office of Outreach and Admissions will review your transcripts for transfer credit. They will need to see your official transcripts along with course descriptions from your previous college. See for more information on transfer agreements.
8. I want to open my own family child care. What do I need?
The Department of Social Services Child Care Licensing Division  requires 15 hours of health training in CPR, First Aid and prevention of infectious diseases (you can complete this training in CD M23). Please contact the CCLD for more information.
9. I want to open my own private preschool. What do I need?
The Department of Social Services Child Care Licensing Division requires the 12 core units of Child Development and an Administration course (CD M24 or CD M25). Experience working in an ECE program is also required. The Department of Social Services will also require you to attend an orientation meeting that reviews all licensing requirements and provider’s instructions on how to complete the licensing application. Please contact the CCLD for more information.
10. I want to get an elementary teaching credential, should I take classes in Child Development?
Taking CD classes and majoring in Child Development is highly recommended for teachers. Understanding child growth and development is a good career choice for any prospective teacher. The Child Development AS-T degree intended for transfer is a good beginning for the elementary school multiple subject teaching credential. You should consult with your counselor as soon as possible to meet the particular requirements of the four year college or university you wish to transfer. See for more information on transfer options.
11. I have been told that if I work in a preschool I will only make $8.00 an hour. Is this true?
Private preschools pay their staff based on parent fees and therefore they cannot always offer high pay however, most private preschools' salaries average between $12-15/hour. This rate may be higher or lower depending upon the school and on the position. Your pay will also be determined by your educational background and experience working with children. Corporate employers, such as Bright Horizons, offer benefits packages as well.

Public Preschools: on the LAUSD Early Childhood Education Division website you can access teaching requirements and current salary scale. LAUSD is implementing Pre-K programs on many of their campuses. These are high salary, with benefits, positions. LAUP also has many Pre-K positions available.

You can go to the Moorpark College Child Development Center to look at their job board as well as directly contacting LAUSD, LAUP, Bright Horizons, etc.
12. I want to get a special education credential, what should I take?
Students interested in a Special Education credential will need to contact a 4-year University for degree requirements. This credential is not offered at the Community College level.
13. How do I enroll in the Child Development program at Moorpark College?
Students enroll in the college and then enroll in a program. Once you are a registered student, you will be given access to enroll in classes. For more information on enrollment and tuition, please contact Outreach and Admissions.

Please note: For a list of degrees and certificates, please see the current Course Catalog.