In order to be in early childhood classrooms, students must bring proof of the following to the center:

  • Measles Immunity* (2 MMR vaccinations, or a positive titer for Measles)
  • Tdap for Pertussis Immunity* (immunization must be after the age of 11)
  • Flu Immunity (you may choose to fill out a declination - available from the CDC front desk)
  • TB Clearance (within 1 year of the last day of the semester - if you have ever received a positive result, you must submit a clear chest x-ray within 5 years with a yearly reevaluation.)

*Only a physician can decline for Measles and Tdap due to “physical condition or medical circumstances.” Personal exemptions are no longer accepted even if signed by a doctor. The Student Health Center (Administration Building, A111) on campus offers immunizations and titer tests. (805) 378-1413.