Criminal Justice

Public concern with rising crime rates and the increasing role of law enforcement in public service work has contributed to the growth of criminal justice agencies throughout the nation. There is a broad range of employment opportunities for men and women in all components of the Criminal Justice System. This Criminal Justice Program offers an education to students in the varied aspects of law enforcement, court procedures and corrections. A foundation of knowledge is provided for those interested in becoming competitive candidates for these rewarding and challenging positions

Students completing the Criminal Justice program will acquire the practical knowledge and skills to successfully pass the Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Vocational entrance exams and academy programs as well as attaining the academic skills necessary to transfer and complete a four year university degree in Criminal Justice and related fields. 

Students will also gain a working understanding of the diverse aspects of the community that the Criminal Justice system serves.  In addition students, through Civic Engagement and Service Learning community projects, will actively participate as members of their community in promoting the Criminal Justice community.

Behavioral & Social Science Division Office

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  • Phone: (805) 378-1445
  • Humanities & Social Science (HSS) 217

Dean: Dr. Karen Rothstein

Department Chair: Dan Vieira

Full-time Faculty:

Leeann Mulville, Chad Basile

Adjunct Faculty:

Mike Sayre, Bob Camarillo, Tim Lumas, and Nick Zingo

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