Join a Force, Join a Social Force!

The below matrix is a listing of law enforcement agencies with links to their recruiting websites.  The below list is NOT inclusive, it is merely a sampling of what is available to those seeking a career in law enforcement.

Municipal (City) County State Other Federal

Burbank Police

Los Angeles County Sheriff


CA Dept of Corrections


Culver City Police

Monterey County Sheriff

Arizona DPS

CA Probation Careers


Glendale Police

Orange County Sheriff

Colorado State Patrol

Railroad Police*

Secret Service

Los Angeles Police

Riverside County Sheriff

Nevada DPS

Amtrak Police

US Marshal's Service

Oxnard Police

San Bernardino County Sheriff

Oregon State Police

CSX Police



Pasadena Police

San Diego County Sheriff

Washington State Patrol

Union Pacific

Federal Protective Service

Pomona Police Santa Clara County Sheriff Florida Highway Patrol

BNSF Police

(Burlington Northern Santa Fe)

National Park Ranger

San Francisco Police

San Francisco County Sheriff

Police 911 Dispatcher

  US Postal Inspection Service

Santa Barbara Police

San Mateo County Sheriff

CHP   US Capitol Police

Santa Monica Police

Santa Barbara County Sheriff

 911 Telecommunication Jobs


Pentagon Force Protection

(Federal Police Officers)

Simi Valley Police

Ventura County Sheriff

San Diego City Police   NCIS

Ventura Police

  Civilian Positions - LAPD   US Department of State

*Railroad police are certified state law enforcement officers with investigative and arrest powers both on and off railroad property in most states. They also have interstate law enforcement authority pursuant to federal law.