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The Moorpark College Dance Department is committed to developing students for both professional and academic pursuits by providing a strong curriculum of beginning through advanced level technique and performance-based courses, as well as courses in dance history and appreciation. We additionally offer opportunities for those dancers, students and members of the community who share a love of the art form or who wish to explore the field of dance.

We provide an environment which brings out the best in our students, regardless of their ultimate goal. They are encouraged to explore dance mediums outside of their traditional discipline in order to help create more well-rounded dancers who will, in turn, have more opportunities available to them. In addition to our outstanding professional faculty, we have provided master classes by notable choreographers in fields of modern, jazz and hip-hop, and we continually offer opportunities for further enrichment through involvement with the American College Dance Festival and a touring Dance Ensemble, as well as several opportunities throughout the year for student choreography and production.

Our students have continued on to further academic pursuits with university dance programs such as Cal Arts, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, Boston Conservatory, NYU and many others. Professionally, our students have moved into instructional careers with many local colleges and studios and can be seen on stage with current nationally and worldwide touring companies such as Diavolo, Ledges and Bones and throughout the world of musical theatre.

It is our ultimate wish that any student who has the desire to dance may explore their potential with the Moorpark College Dance Department


Department Chair: Nathan Bowen