Fall 2020 Dance Classes at Moorpark College

The dance department is pleased to announce that, we will be holding select dance classes in a hybrid version for our students. These courses will follow all safety guidelines to make sure our students and faculty are safe during this time while still being able to enjoy the benefits of the studio space.

Safety Protocols During COVID-19

  • The student cap is set to no more than 15 students in the room at a time.
  • All participants and faculty are required to wear a mask at all times on campus and in the dance room.
  • The space (including our floor) will be sanitized daily with ample time between classes to reduce exposure.
  • Students will have the option of taking classes 100% online if needed or desired. They must contact their instructor to make sure the hi-flex format is properly set up before the semester starts.
  • At anytime we are prepared to transition to 100% online if needed or declared by the state or county officials.

100% Online Classes

  • M09A, M10A Introduction to Ballet/Beginning Ballet
  • M15AB Choreography
  • M20ABC Movement Improvisation
  • M01 Dance Appreciation
  • M03 Dance History
  • M24 Introduction to Dance Education
  • M31 World Dance
  • M51 Intro to Dance Production

Hybrid Classes (meet once a week)

  • M10BCD Intermediate Ballet
  • M11ABCD Jazz Dance (All Levels)
  • M12ABCD Modern Dance (also known as Contemporary, All Levels)
  • M18/19 Pilates
  • M16 Hip Hop
  • M55ABCD Dance Performance (Special Dance for Camera Project for Fall 2020)
Intro to Ballet Online F2020
Introduction to Ballet 100% Online this Fall 2020