Group Fitness G-122 Schedule

This is the group fitness class schedule for classes held in G-122 Summer 2014, posted May 5th. If you have questions about the content of these group fitness courses please visit the Course Descriptions page, or email the instructor for details about a specific class section. To sign up for one of these classes visit WebStar online registration. Classes are listed by course title and the instructors first initial and last name. E-mail links for instructors can be found on the Meet The Faculty page.

We also have personal fitness classes, team and individual sports. Please see the printed schedule or search the current class schedule on WebStar for more about these courses.

Summer 2013, Kinesiology Group Fitness Classes in the Fitness Studio G-122

Class start time Monday & Wednesday Tuesday & Thursday

KIN M34 Boot Camp
J. Kriel

2:30pm  Boot camp cont.  
4:00pm Boot camp cont. ending at 4:50