Our Newest Fitness Classes

KIN M42 Aerobic Dance Fitness

Aerobic dance classes are the roots of all contemporary group fitness classes, having started the appeal of exercising in community with music back in the 1980's. Moorpark College is bringing back this class with a makeover to reflect modern trends in group fitness. There is nothing more natural than moving your body while connecting to the rhythm of music to receive great physical conditioning and reduce stress.

This dance influenced fitness class introduces cardiovascular conditioning with dance-like rhythmic movements blending a variety of contemporary and global dance styles with traditional fitness practices. Specific styles such as African, Latin, Bollywood, and other movement forms may be introduced  and will reflect modern trends and themes from the fitness industry. this type of movement develops cardiovascular and muscular endurance, coordination, expressiveness, and flexibility: also reduces stress.

KIN M52 Core Fitness With Cardio

This class offers a variation on the popular course "Core Stability and Stretch." Core Fitness with Cardio emphasizes a cardiovascular stimulation while conditioning the core of the body. This is achieved by integrating rhythmic dance-like movement patterns, in addition to movements on the floor, or with stability balls. 


KIN M01 Introduction to Kinesiology

Previously this class was called Introduction to Human Performance and Physical Education, this newly revised course is ideal for anyone interested in pursuing a degree or career such as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, group exercise instructor, coach, physical therapist, teacher, or exercise physiologist. Even more exciting, this class will be offered online so you can study from home on your own schedule.