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History majors at Moorpark College learn how to think independently, read critically, and write persuasively, so they more deeply understand the complexities of the past and engage constructively in today's world as informed citizens. The study of history enables you to analyze social, economic, political, and cultural change over time. You learn how to identify a problem, gather information, evaluate explanations, understand relationships, and formulate your own conclusions. History teaches you how to place issues in context, investigate events and weigh alternatives. The content and skills gained as a History major strengthens your academic and professional abilities in all areas, and in all fields. 


The Associate in Arts in History for Transfer (AA-T in History) is intended for students who plan to transfer and complete a bachelor’s degree in History, or a similar major at a CSU campus. Please consult with a counselor before making your education plan.

In addition to General Education degree requirements 

Complete the following:

REQUIRED CORE / UNITS                                                                                                   

Complete 2 courses (6 units):

HIST M130 United States History Through Reconstruction – 3
HIST M140 United States History Since the Civil War – 3
UNITS from LIST A  – 6
UNITS from LIST B – 6


LIST A - Select and complete two courses (6 units):
Area 1 (1 course, 3 units):

HIST M150 World History: From Prehistory to 1500 – 3
HIST M170 Western Civilization: From Prehistory to 1600 – 3

Area 2

HIST M160 World History: From 1450 to the Present – 3
HIST M180 Western Civilization: From 1600 to the Present – 3

LIST B - Select and complete one course from each GROUP (6 units):
GROUP 1: Diversity (1 Course, 3 Units)

HIST M131 African American History to 1877 – 3
HIST M133 History of Mexican Americans in the United States – 3
HIST M135 Native American History  – 3
HIST M141 African American History Since 187 – 3
HIST M145 Race and Ethnicity in American History – 3
HIST M152 History of Asia from Prehistory to 1600 – 3
HIST M162 History of Asia from 1600 to the Present – 3
HIST M150 or HIST M160 if not used in LIST A – 3

GROUP 2: History (1 course, 3 units):

HIST M137/M137H History of American Women/Honors  – 3
HIST M143 History of California – 3
HIST M164 Latin American History – 3
Any course from LIST A or LIST B not already used – 3



Department Chair: Hugo Hernandez